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“Gilbane Gold” And “Testing Water … And Ethics”

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The National Society of Professional Engineers code of ethics provides engineers with rules that must be followed to act ethically in the engineering profession. Engineers must follow the code of ethics in all the situations they encountered during their profession but sometimes the application of this rules are challenge by moral decision that are not applicable for the code of ethics. The two videos shown in class highlight two different scenarios were the code of ethics was applied in different perspectives.
In the first video David Jackson a young engineer in the Z CORP company realizes the high levels of heavy metals that are being discharge in the Gilbane sewer system. David Jackson addresses this issue with the VP of the Z CORP company Diane Collins and Frank Seeder the engineer manager both did not understood the issues and let the boss David to check the issue. David’s first unethical action was to not address the issue with his direct supervisor which led to his supervisor to not pay close attention to his concerns. David consults the experience engineer in charge of the testing and monitoring of the levels of discharge to the wastewater system Tom Richards who agrees with David’s concerns and tells Diane Collins that Z CORP needs to improve the wastewater treatment but is fired from the company. Tom Richards knew about the high levels of discharge of heavy metals before David shown any concern, Tom acted unethically by not reporting the issue to the authorities or the CEO of Z CORP after being fired.
After Tom Richards was fired David was left with the responsibility to exposed Z CORP of their bad practices. He seeks help from Professor emeritus Winslow Massin who told David not to exposed ZCORP to the TV station. Nevertheless, David acted unethically because he did not present Z CORP with different solutions to solve the problem also, instead of going to the CEO of the company he went to a TV reporter to exposed the bad practices from Z CORP . David broke the code of ethics by not acting loyal to his employee. Tom Richards broke the code of ethics by not reporting the matter to the CEO of the company he let this issue compromised the public health and safety of the Gilbane community and did nothing to stop it, he made David exposed the company and ruin his reputation. Professor Winslow Massin acted unethically giving his opinion to the TV reported without having study the facts and data of the problem his expertise wasn’t in water treatment therefore, he broke the code of ethics by giving his opinion in an area outside his expertise. Frank Seeder broke the code of ethic by not trying to seek more information about...

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