Giles Corey As A Martyr In "The Crucible" By Arthur Miller. Essay Uses Quotes From Play To Prove That Giles Corey Held The Role Of A Martyr.

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When a conflict arises, many people stand back and watch as their beliefs are trampled on, but sometimes one person will stand up and die for what they believe and inspire all those with similar beliefs. Of the many people who died in the Salem witch trials, one man stands out as a true martyr who died in the pursuit of justice and whose actions served as a model for all the people in Salem. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller portrayed the character of Giles Corey as a martyr through his strong convictions, honesty, concern for justice, and his willingness to die for these causes. Giles Corey, a man of strong beliefs, refused to give the authorities the lie they demanded, therefore, he died a martyr.Unlike many of the people of Salem, Giles Corey held fast to his strong convictions. When he believed something was wrong, he refused to sit and passively accept the injustice, but instead notified the authorities and demanded a fair trial. When his wife was being wrongly accused of witchcraft, Giles stood up for her, yelling in court "You're hearing lies, lies!" (84). Giles is clearly concerned with the truth and frequently pleads with the court to reject the girl's statements and understand that "they [were] telling lies about [his] wife" (85). Again, he pursues justice when he urges the court to hear Mary Warren confess that she and the other girls had lied. He introduces her by stating "she comes now to tell the truth" (88). Giles Corey demonstrates his strong beliefs through his preoccupation with truth and justice in the witch trials.Not only was Giles Corey adamant about justice and other people's truthfulness in the court, but also he showed that he was an honest man and therefore refused to give an untruthful confession. When Proctor was accused of plowing on Sunday, Giles reminded the court that there were "other Christians that do plow on Sunday if the truth be known" (91). Giles again offered honest information to the judges, explaining that he had been "thirty-three time in court"...

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