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Gilgamesh Paper For A English Literature Class, Feel Free To Use English Literature Assignment

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Maxwell Nordstrom
Mrs. Steinhauser
World Literature
2 October, 2017
The year is 2017, Rouge vigilante, Mesh Gila, is scouting in Aleppo Syria, for an ISIS leader named, Baba Hum, that has brought terror and torment to the land. Mesh wants to find him and bring him in for questioning for the reward and most importantly the renown. There is talk in the village of another man, Du Enki, hunting for the same leader who killed half his troop from the storm of Baba Hum’s army. Du as well is more equipped and prepared for the long perilous journey than Mesh is. This angers Mesh immensely, he needs to be the one who takes down Baba; Mesh plans to confront Du and stop him, by force if necessary. Mesh travels through the wasteland of Aleppo by using a rusted out totally un-inspected Chevy Blazer and finds Du’s campsite.
When Mesh arrives to Du’s campsite, Du, says that he has no knowledge of his existence to belittle Mesh. The blood of Mesh beings to boil, he decides to take out a M9 bayonet from the sheath of his boot. Du scoffs and reveals two .357 magnum strapped to his belt, he informs Mesh that any attempt to destroy him would be utterly futile, he is simply too stocked up to be outmatched. Mesh decides the best thing for both of them is for him to swallow his pride and split the rewards down the middle fifty-fifty and Du begrudgingly accepts Mesh’s proposition. They prepare Du’s 1990 Toyota Pickup with a heavy duty bolter in the bed and they fit the exterior with heavy duty sheets of Kevlar. Before they head off to the outskirts of Aleppo to seek out Baba Hum’s granite fortress the duo decides to rest up before the night becomes day. The men talk about their great leaders from their time serving their country and discover that they were at one time in the same troop and shared the same mentors. They decide to consult their leader, Sam Ash, the leader of the 2015 storm on Baba Hum’s training camp in Damascus, Syria. They ask for his blessing on the plan to raid Baba’s new fortress. Sam says that he must forget all knowledge of what they told him or else his life will be put on the line, however he says that they should expect an airdrop within the night.
They start to head into the bombed forests where they suppose the hidden fortress is located. The air is filled with the smell of ash and smoke. The men notice the tire tracks on the ground and they set up base for the night, as they have been traveling for 450 miles straight. Mesh awakens Du in the middle of the night and tells him of a nightmare he had. He tells Du of a great tree in the jungle that fell upon them in the middle of their fight with Baba. Du assures him that it is only a dream and tells him to rest up before sun up. They continue to travel through the forest and they make it to the aluminum gates of Baba Hum’s compound....

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