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Gilgamesh: Think Piece 2 Ancient World Think Piece

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Think Piece #2
A hero means to be “admired and idealized, for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities” (Heinz). Gilgamesh possesses most of the characteristics for being a hero. First and foremost, Gilgamesh was two thirds God and one third human. The Gods gave him a perfect body, “The Great Goddess [Aruru] designed the model for his body, she prepared his form….beautiful, handsomest of men, perfect” (Kovacs). In the way he was created alone, he would be considered a hero. As well as Jesus Christ who was known to be fully human and fully God. They both were Kings, Gilgamesh the king of Uruk Haven, and Jesus Christ the King of Kings. Gilgamesh ended up setting out on a quest to defeat Humbaba (a terror to human beings). Just as Jesus’s quest to save humanity through salvation. In the “Epic of Gilgamesh,” Gilgamesh becomes friends with a man named Enkidu, and after the death of him Gilgamesh ultimately becomes a great king to his people due to the things that he endured. Also as Enkidu dies shortly after being friends with Gilgamesh, and John the Baptist dies shortly after baptizing Jesus. Similar to Jesus, Jesus was a...

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