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Girl Child Education Essay

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“My fellow elders, are we going to sit down and listen to influences from the western world and watch our own culture shutter in disarray? Our forefathers made it fit and promising in separating the role of men from women. We all know the assigned duties of a man and that of a woman,” said Opanin Kwadwo in a hoarse voice as he continually hit his walking stick on the ground, giving his perceived adamant stance on the argument at hand. The rest of the elders, sat with arms placed underneath their chin,gathered at the Manhyia palace to discuss the daunting condition that had maneuvered its way into the town.

Confusion and dispute had ravaged the once secluded and placid ...view middle of the document...

Nana Brempong has been known by all to be a very rigid and tough man, not in his physical qualities but in his speech. He was feared by most people, even the children of the village. Although he contradicted the opinions of most people and brought up stern arguments, his conviction was always sought anytime an argument ensued in the village.

Komfo Anokye stood up in rage as he straightened his kente cloth which run from his left shoulder down to his feet. “Opanin Kwadwo and Nana Brempong have well made their points. It is true that our forefathers established the laws and customs of this land and the duties of men and women were assigned. But as we all know, the world is now a global village which is now changing rapidly in a positive direction. The men who made these laws some years ago are long dead and did not witness the changes we are witnessing at the moment. Educating our women is not a bad approach in the development of our village. Alterations are occurring around us. If we are to sit and watch trends pass us by, our children and future generations to come will encounter difficulty in adaptation and might as well lose connections with the other towns who have embraced change. Otumfuo and elders of this land, we all know the dangers and challenges Elmina will face if we are to cut ties with others due to failure of recognizing and accepting change. I have spoken.”

“Hmm, Okyeame,” Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, king of the land called out to his linguist.

“Nana,” responded the linguist in anxiety.

“Tell my people I have heard what they have all said. I have listened to both the

affirmative and its contradiction. As the saying goes, ‘Although the early morning mouth

smells, it carries wisdom.’ I would like to ponder over what I have heard from both sides

overnight, I will make a decision and call for a meeting as soon as I draw my conclusions.”

“We’ve all heard what Nana has said, the meeting for today is adjourned,” Okyeame


Chapter 2

“People of Elmina, People of Elmina, I greet you,” the town crier bellowed, as he hit his talking drum placed underarm. The talking drum was used by town criers to give messages to the people of the village from the king. Anytime the people heard the sounds of the talking drum and the voice of the town crier, all activities ceased and close attention paid. Some children follow after the town crier to listen closely to the news to be delivered. “I have been sent by the Otumfuo to give out a message which is befitting and profitable to all the inhabitants of Elmina. Let those who are wise and have ears, listen. Otumfuo has asked me to tell all people of Elmina that, we are maintaining the ways of our forefathers. No change must be brought to this village. Elmina is not ready to embrace modifications or alterations, especially from the western world....

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