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Girl Moved To Tears By Of Mice And Men Cliffs Notes

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The Onion's article, "Girl Moved to Tears by Of Mice and Men Cliffs Notes" (2006) explains the reaction and reasoning behind University of Virginia sophomore communications major Grace Weaver and her choice to read the Cliffs Notes version of Of Mice and Men over the original. The Onion develops the major claim by including specific quotes from Weaver about her efforts in reading these Cliff Notes and the personal effect these summaries had on her while also going deeper by looking at her choice to read these summaries instead of the actual book. The Onion's purpose is to entertain readers with Weaver's experience in "reading" Of Mice and Men in a sardonic and cynical manner in order to bring awareness to a lack of understand and competence that can come with taking the shortcut with a task that deserves an actual attempt. Because of The Onion's use of direct quotes and small but forceful commentary, the tone is satirical and critical to an audience of individuals who have read Of Mice and Men and can laugh along with The Onion at Weaver's short-sighted pursuits and amateur response to the book she didn't really read which can serve as a reminder to the mediocre outcome that results from laziness.
A satirical point that the author talked about briefly was Weaver's choice to not read the short, original novel, but the even shorter novel summary. The satire is effective because of how the authors describes the book. By including small lines such as "the most skillful example of American naturalism under 110 pages" and "Weaver's choice to read the Cliffs Notes instead of the pocket-sized novel", the brevity and literary relevance of this book is emphasized greatly. To include how short this novel is makes Weaver look positively incompetent for wanting the even further condensed version of what is already limited.
The other very important satirical point made in this article is how Weaver talks highly of her knowledge and experience that she acquired from reading the skeleton of the narrative and the evident emotional impression this brief outline had on her. This is satirical because of the author attacks and makes fun of Weaver for her fraudulent love and appreciation for a piece of work that she didn't really take the time or put in the effort to read. It's as if someone is saying they're a huge fan of a band, even though they have only listened to one song and their opinion of the band is just one they read online written by an actual fan. By including quotes from Weaver such as "There's something to be said for putting in that...

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