Girl Power Essay

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Girl Power
Throughout time, women have acted radically and drastically in order to be heard, have a voice, and be recognized. Influential, assertive women have not only been seen throughout history, but in literature as well. For example, Susan B. Anthony fought and pushed for women to have the right to vote. Hilary Clinton took an active role as First Lady during a time when the First Lady stereotypically acted as a hostess who played second fiddle to the president. She made health care her cause and received criticism from the public as being too political and taking on too large an issue for a First Lady. She did so to be recognized around the nation as more than just a doting wife. Women have similarly fought to be heard in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. When Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth that three witches prophesied that he would become king, for example, she immediately devises a plan to manipulate Macbeth to murder Duncan, the current king, without any regard for Macbeth’s desire to let fate run its course. Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to murder Duncan because it is the only way she can be valued and heard in a time where women had virtually no rights. Hilary Clinton stood out and used her influence in much the same way hundreds of years later. Hence, in order for a woman to de heard, recognized, and valued, they must act radically and fight the existing stereotypes.
TRANSITION!!! At the beginning of the play, Macbeth writes a hasty letter to his wife upon hearing the prophecies that he will someday be king. Lady Macbeth defies stereotypes and immediately decides that she must manipulate her husband to become king in order to make a statement and prove her validity. While Macbeth is content to let fate lead him to the throne, Lady Macbeth plans to take immediate action and kill Duncan. She begins weighing the pros and cons of her husband’s drive, or lack thereof. However, she realizes that Macbeth may not have the effrontery to kill when she states, “Yet do I fear thy nature” (1.5.16). She then attacks Macbeth’s masculinity and chastises him for acting cowardly. He resigns and states that this murder “Might be the be-all and the end-all here,/ But here, upon this bank and shoal of time,/ We’d jump the life to come” (1.7.5-7). Clearly, Lady Macbeth altered Macbeth’s mentality with manipulative jabs at his self-confidence. While he was once complacent to become king in the future, he is now resigned to committing the crime that may be the beginning of his demise. The plan evolved into a way for Lady Macbeth to make her love for him contingent upon Macbeth’s ability to carry out the murder (Adelman). Not only is the murder a test of the endurance of love, but also, a way for Lady Macbeth to forcefully assert herself with the purpose of being esteemed by her husband and those who believe women do not have a voice. Lady Macbeth’s assertion is especially similar to the radical bra burnings women did in the 1960s. The women of the 60s publicly...

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