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Girls And Boys, How Are They Different?

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GIRLS AND BOYS: HOW ARE THEY DIFFERENT? Gender is such an important factor in today's society. It shapes how we feel and how we act. Thus, this makes people have certain stereotypes about each other that sometimes may not be true. Traditionally, girls are more submissive, dependent, emotional, cooperative, and sensitive. Boys on the other hand are dominant, independent, rational, analytical, and brave. Now of course these notions are not always correct. Many women and men have switched roles. When you are born, you are automatically given a stereotype based on whether you are a girl or a boy. Boys generally are supposed to be athletes, highly ambitious, and to take on the position of a leader. Boys are ...view middle of the document...

The men usually take the rule maker role and the women are usually the enforcers. Women are very in tune with morality and men are much more in tune to what is right and what is wrong. In the "education institution" girls learn and mature much more quickly that boys do. Women are usually very good at humanities and men tend to favor mathematics. Boys also should start school at the age of six instead of five because they tend to not have the attention span and learning capabilities that girls do at that age. In the "media institution" women are portrayed as the homemakers and the models for beauty products, clothes, and cleaning materials. Men are portrayed as the fearless heroes and brilliant detectives. Today, ad campaigns such as Nike,, and Gatorade portray women as powerful and overachievers. These campaigns have brought a new light to society and paved the way for women all over the world. In the past the American gender role socialization process has been very unhealthy and misinterpreted so that it affects women and men in a negative way. I think that recently the media had become more socially conscious of the fact that the traditional gender roles are not so true. Thus, opening our societies eyes to a new way of thinking.I was able to get all of my information off this website. This is a wonderful site to use to research this topic. It explains the reasons from a psychological and biological perspective. VERY INTERESTING!!

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