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Girls, Sex, And The Art Of Using Axe

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Advertisers will go to any length to get the attention to their demographic. They create outlandish, eye-catching advertisements that do anything from mock another person to give exaggerated advice to their audience. Doing just that, in 2012, Axe released a new advertising campaign following the boyfriends of five different types of women in one-minute clips. Each clip pairs the five new shower gels they were releasing to the five times of girlfriends that Axe believes exists: brainy, high maintenance, flirty, sporty, and party. Each clip looks familiar, a boyfriend of a type of girl trying to make her happy, so that in return she will make him happy. The advertisement plays on strong female stereotypes to create a backbone for the clips. Then, through the use of sex, narration, and playing on the viewers emotions, the clip is strengthened to appease to their demographic. They equate being able to handle and please these types of girlfriends to being a “real man” through the use of Axe. They continue to support their past claims made in past advertisements than if you use Axe sprays or shower gels, that you will attract women and in return, receive sex.
In their series of advertisements, Axe uses a series of stereotyped girls and their relationships and sex to appeal to their general demographic of men age 18-24. The second installation of the series titled, “The High Maintenance Girl” follows a couple walking down the sidewalk with the boyfriend carrying his girlfriends numerous shopping bags, her purse, and walking her miniature dog. A voice narrates the situation and his thoughts over the scene describing the struggles of the boyfriend of a high maintenance girl. This specific advertisement plays on the stereotypes of exactly that, the high maintenance girlfriend. She’s portrayed similar to that of Paris Hilton, the typical high maintenance girl. She is a tall, brunette bombshell chitchatting away on her cell phone after a day of shopping and walking her miniature, fluffy, yapping dog. The girlfriend is ignoring her boyfriend who is lugging around all of her bags. The advertisement ends with the girlfriend implying that the boyfriend will receive sex as his reward for being a “real man” and a good boyfriend. It could almost be perceived that he is sick of the relationship but he’s okay with everything he goes through because he receives a reward for it. Through the use of sex and girls, Axe sells the idea that they can help any 18-24 year old male with his female problems with the use of Axe. As said in an article about Axe Shower Gel Ads, Emma Gray states, “According to the ads, a quick rinse with one of the gels will enable any man able to (appear to) enjoy the girly activities that serve only as a precursor to getting frisky.” (Gray). The entire ad sells sex and the solution to relationship problems to men, but only if they use Axe. Even in the female realm of shopping, the ad reassures men that they can handle anything as long as he...

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