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Girls Who Cried Witch In The Crucible

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In “The Crucible”, the author, Arthur Miller, conveys what he believes Senator Joe McCarthy is doing during the Red Scare. The Salem Witch Trials were true events, while this play uses these trials and adds a fictional twist to show a point. Witchcraft was punishable by death during this time. Once names started flying in town it was like a chain reaction, people were accusing others of witchcraft because they were not fond of them or they had something they wanted. Some definitions state mass hysteria as contagious, the characters in this play deemed it true. In this play, innocent people were hung because some of the girls in town cried witch.
To start from the beginning, Abby, Tituba, and the girls were out in the forest one night, dancing, and were caught by Reverend Paris. Abby blamed Tituba for calling the Devil. Tituba then said it was not her, for there are many witches in the community. Tituba named some of the town’s women as witches. From here, Abby got the idea to accuse Elizabeth of being involved in witchcraft. In addition, the chain reaction of mass hysteria starts here.
The easiest case to observe a false accusation was that of Abigail Williams. She deliberately accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft because she was in love with her husband, John Proctor. Abby and John had previously had an affair the year before when she worked in their house. Abby was fired when Goody Proctor found out and then they hired Mary Warren. While Abby and Mary Warren are in court one night during the trials, Abby accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft. Mary, the Proctor’s house worker, defends Elizabeth even though she was one of the girls crying witch. Abby has Mary make a poppet while they are sitting there and Mary places the needle she used to make it, in the poppet’s stomach. Mary gives the doll to Goody Proctor as a gift, and to frame her. Later that night, at dinner, Abby starts screaming saying that she has been stabbed. Abby says that it is Goody Proctor in spirit. They have a warrant for Goody Proctors arrest and go to the Proctor’s household. They search the Proctor’s house and find the poppet Mary made, after they Proctors have said...

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