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Gis Analyst Essay

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GIS Analyst is a journey- level professional class requiring the application of a body of GIS theory and principles. The GIS Analyst completes standard professional level work assignments or projects. The position’s duties require interacting with multiple internal and/or external units or individuals to meet work requirements and objectives. The incumbent must have sufficient job content knowledge in the functional area to ensure standards are met. (“Unified Port of San Diego,” 2013)
GIS Analyst makes $55,000-$75,000 annually. GIS Analyst general purpose is to plan, organize, coordinate, and participate in development of the geographic information system, participate in long term ...view middle of the document...

During this period the pioneering group established the concepts of modern GIS technology. The change of data and computers started to happen in the 1980’s. Spatial database management systems developed which linked computer mapping capabilities with the traditional databases. In the mid- 1980’s the nature of data and the processing determined the data structure in the general consensus. GIS continuously grew in the 90’s and will continue to change more and more to keep intact with today’s technology. GIS Analyst will continue to grow overtime as long as the technology keeps changing and the programming that is being used for GIS keeps changing. Remote sensing imagery and global positioning system is something that is new and current in the GIS programming databases. GIS Analyst is able to create a map layout using a reference scale, and legends. Choropleth Maps are used by GIS Analyst as well as Topographic Maps.
GIS Analyst is still progressing, but they are not the fastest growing career in the GIS field. They are progressing at a slow rate. Most people would consider a GIS Analyst to be something like a GIS Technician, GIS Data Specialist, GIS Specialist, GIS Mapping Technician, Engineering Technician, etc. They all do very similar things in their career fields that would have people believe that they are similar careers. GIS Analyst utilize GIS data maintenance by performing with the data maintenance, manipulation, analysis, extraction and generation assignments, creates and maintains files of digital pictures of streets, codes and digitizes maps and geographical data into layers. They also use cartographic techniques to represent spatial data. (“Unified Port of San Diego,” 2013) Use GIS tools and CAD tools to maintain and develop data layers. GIS Analyst utilize electronic mapping, analyze requests for...

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