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Cento trenta sei anni fa, Giuseppe Verdi ha scritto un bel'opera. L'opera ha cinque atti. L'opera si chiama Don Carlo. L'opera e circa Don Carlo amore con il padres padrona. Carlo libera Flemish da Spagna è preso e porta la colpa per la rivoluzione. Anche l'opera ha un il complotto complicato circa gli affari e l'adultry. Mi piace l'opera Don Carlo perce e' magnifico l'arte.Don Carlo, Infante of Spain, went secretly to France to visit Elisabetta de Valois, who he was secretly set up to marry, but had never met. In a forest called Fontainebleau the two people stumble upon each other and fall in love. But when Lerma, the Spanish ambassador, arrives, he tells them that as a condition of the peace treaty between France and Spain, Elisabetta was made to marry Fillipino, Carlo's father.Carlo, in his misery, goes to the cloister of the monastery of St. Just, where his grandfather, Carlo V, was a friar and retreated from the throne. When Carlo confesses to his friend Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa, that he loves his father's wife, Rodrigo urges him to devote himself instead to the cause of Flemish independence from Spanish oppression. The two men pledge friendship and devotion to liberty.Outside the convent, Princess Eboli sings some ladies of the court a love song. When the queen arrives, Rodrigo hands her a note from Carlo on the sly. She agrees to see Carlo, who tells of his love for her. When she tells him that she is now in an impossible position, the distraught Infante rushes off. Filippo, finding Elisabetta unattended, sends her lady-in-waiting into exile. When Rodrigo speaks frankly to the king about his hopes for Flanders, Filippo asks him to watch Carlo and the queen, whom he suspects.Carlo goes to the queen's gardens at midnight to see Elisabetta but instead is met by the masked Eboli, who is in love with him. When he realizes who she is he shows his disappointment. Eboli threatens to bring about his downfall. In order to protect him, Rodrigo takes...

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999 words - 4 pages famous opera house. He passed away at an early age but his pieces are being performed today. The later part of the romantic period was also had composers that was successful and important. During this time Giuseppe Verdi was the one from Italy and was very successful to the point that people sung in the streets the famous chorus from one of his pieces. Verdi is best known for coming out with the style of grand opera. Grand opera is set apart

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1113 words - 4 pages from Green, A. (n.d.). Aida Synopsis - The Story of Verdi's Opera Aida. Retrieved from Giuseppe Verdi. (2013). The Biography Channel website. Retrieved 10:36, Nov 06, 2013, from Yudkin, J. (2013). Understanding music. (seventh ed., pp. 188-192). Columbus, Ohio: Pearson/Longman.


3056 words - 12 pages were surpassed by the brilliant operas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In the early 19th century, Gioacchino Rossini and Gaetano Donizetti dominated Italian opera. In the later 19th century the greatest works were those of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner. Wagner, with his bold innovations, became the most influential operatic figure since Monteverdi. Richard Strauss and Giacomo Puccini wrote the most popular late 19th- and early 20th-century operas

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1176 words - 5 pages ornamentations, vocalises, and cadenzas, leaving the singer no room for improvisation. The bel canto tradition did not begin to fade away until Wagner and his new Germanic school of singing. Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) also had an impact on this style. During the mid-nineteenth century, a weightier and more fervent style began to replace the lyrical quality of bel canto singing, which was required to sing Verdi, Wagner and Weber. This new German style

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2328 words - 10 pages 606). Fellow composer Giuseppe Verdi was not impressed. In a letter to Count Arrivabene, Verdi wrote, “It seems…that the symphonic element predominates in him (Puccini). No harm in that! But we should tread carefully. Opera is opera and symphony is symphony; and I don’t think that in an opera it’s a good idea to write a symphonic piece merely for the pleasure of making the orchestra dance” (Julian Budden). Chalk Verdi’s opinion up to jealousy or

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2469 words - 10 pages woke up during the night from a crowd gathering outside his house. After fearing they were a protesting group against his opera, he ran to a nearby barn and refused to come out even after the lead tenor, Manual Garcia, corrected him telling they were praising him and wanting to see them (Osborne, 56). Rossini’s music in Il barbiere di Siviglia was renowned by famous composers such as the later Verdi, who said, “I cannot help thinking that Il

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3728 words - 15 pages period. From Verdi to Puccini to Wagner, many composers were writing theatrical works set to music, called operas that were often written in Italian and German and did not include spoken word. Opera had a larger influence on the Romantic period due to the emphasis on the story of the opera rather than the context behind it. Although some operas of the Romantic period had nationalist themes, like the operas of Giuseppe Verdi, which often symbolized

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585 words - 2 pages RigolettoWith RIGOLETTO, Verdi greatly enhanced the style of the Italian opera. The voices of bass, baritone, tenor and soprano are all intricately used to create diverse and extensive characters. Verdi maintains his characters' musical individuality in ensembles, solos and the infamous quartet, which is strategically placed in the last act.RIGOLETTO is set in the sixteenth century and takes place in Mantua, Italy. The opera is about the strong

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2093 words - 8 pages Paris at that time (with the possible exception of a few of his songs). A second symphony, "Roma" was not completed.Bizet's best-known work is his 1875 opera, Carmen, which was based on an 1846 novel of the same name by Prosper Mérimée. Influenced by Giuseppe Verdi, he composed the title role in Carmen for a mezzo-soprano. Not an immediate success, Bizet became despondent over the perceived failure, but praise came from such

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737 words - 3 pages von Weber, Giuseppe Verdi, and Ric Wagner. Most of the composers, composed operas. Opera was a special way of showing their romance for their loved ones. In the second half of the nineteenth-century created richer and ever larger symphonies and concertos. The composers of this period were Johannes Brahms, and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovksy. The next part of history in music is the Jazz period. There were many different types and forms of Jazz music


1035 words - 4 pages economicaly, he had 10 kids, he jumped from a bridge and ended in an institute for mental disease.Class #7 November 10Program Music (programmatic), instrumental music that tells a storyHector Berlioz, French composer, mirror Robert schumann. He had a fascination with ShakespeareFixed idea, is the sign in musical phrase to a person, place or thing.Chopin, mazurka (dance)Romantic opera: ItalyGiuseppe Verdi, just wrote Italian operasClass #8

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