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Grant: A BiographyNovember 15, 201110th Honors U.S HistoryPeriod 5I. IntroductionA. Book1. Grant: A Biography2. A biography about the life of President Ulysses GrantB. Author1. William S. McFeely2. Professor of history at Mount Holyoke3. 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Biography for Grant: A Biography4. Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences5. Frederick Douglasa. Told the story about Frederick Douglasb. Went in depth about his life as a slave to a free man.II. CritiqueA. Value to history1. Life of President Granta. Origins of President Grantb. Presidency2.Corruption during his PresidencyB. Major purpose1. Grant history2. Story of Grant administration and even beforea. Family Originsb. Mexican-American War, and Civil Warc. Grant's Presidency and his CabinetIII. Interest to readerA. Descriptive and Factual1. Discussed important events about Grant2. Able to understand very deeply3. Facts stated clearlyB. Interesting positions1. Civil War battle plans proposed by Grant2. Grants choice of the CabinetC. Tedious Information1. Mexican-American War2.Grant's love life with Julia GrantIV. AppealsA. Very Visual with illustrationsB. Bibliography1. Primary and Secondary Source2. Magazines and historical figuresC. SummaryV. ConclusionA. OpinionB. Importance to the U.S and the FutureC. Remove the Excess Information that Doesn't have to do with Grant directly.D. Very descriptive like being in his shoesE. Factual and incredibly accurateCitation Page:McFeely, William. Grant: A biography. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton and company inc., 1981. Print"William S. McFeely." William S. McFeely. Web. 14 Nov 2011. <>.Grant: A Biography, written by William S. McFeely, reflects the story about President Ulysses S. Grant who came from a family with beginnings as far back as the Seven Years War. No one expected a small boy named Ulysses S. Grant, son of Jesse Grant, would amount to anything extraordinary. His story goes all the way to the end of his life leading one of the most corrupt presidencies in the United States of America. The story of Grant was captured by the highly respectable William S. McFeely, who achieved a myriad of awards. The award he received pertaining to this narrative was the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Biography for Grant: A Biography.Other than achieving great awards, William S. McFeely was also a member of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences. McFeely finished the rest of his working career by becoming a professor of history at Mount Holyoke. In addition to being successful, he had written several novels, such as Frederick Douglas in 1991. In the Novel Frederick Douglas, McFeely explained the life of a simple slave who evolved into one of the most successful abolitionists in the time period of the Civil War. It is comprehensible that McFeely had written his narrative to reflect and express the life and story of Ulysses S. Grant. Due to McFeely's exceptional performance on this biography,...

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