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Give A Boy A Gun By Todd Strasser

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Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser

Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser describes school shootings by looking at one school, shooting that happened in Middletown, Colorado. This book is loosely based upon the real events at Columbine High School in Littleton. Two students were teased and harassed by their peers. Eventually, they take them hostage at a school dance. Gary and Brandon were very close friends and they both have something in common: they were both teased and harassed and teased and sometimes even physically and verbally abused. Diaries, newspapers, magazines, and the media brought this story back to life.

School shootings are becoming almost an everyday thing and a very serious issue. Schools shooting are happening all over the world not just in the United States. The events at Columbine High School changed the world forever and especially the United States.
When students enter Junior and Senior High School it is a different world there are different people, different people, and just a whole different way of doing things. High school is where we become who we are going to be in the future, and how we do this is we make new friends, loose old friends, join clubs and programs we may follow new beliefs we become more involved in our community and we strive to do the best that we can do in school. High school should be the best times of our lives, and for most of us it is, but not for Brandon and Gary, they were both teased and harassed especially by the jocks who rule Middletown High. Junior and Senior High School can be challenging and sometimes very stressful, and teens usually need support and friends to keep going. But some people like Brandon and Gary didn’t get support they got bullied and physically abused, some people even get abused at home by their parents, all this happening to someone can make them depressed or a teen may turn to drugs or alcohol.

     Being harassed, teased, bullied and being abused verbally and physically and...

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