Give A Heart, Save A Life

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One of the most astonishing miracles of modern medicine is the ability to successfully transplant human organs. This can give someone a second chance to live, or simply have a better life than they ever thought possible. One of the greatest road blocks when it comes to people being organ donors is the lack of information, and the misinformation that surround organ donation. And because of this, the number of people on the donor list compared to the amount of donors is terribly unbalanced. Although there is a misconception that a doctor may not try as hard to save someones life if they are an organ donor, organ donation is a noble cause because it not only saves and improves lives, ...view middle of the document...

Families that lose loved ones who are organ donors find the morning process substantially easier because they can see their loved one allowing someone else to live. Though losing someone is never easy, seeing them live on in another is a miracle in itself. One testament to the proof that being an organ donor can ease the morning process is about a boys impact on the lives around him, even after he passed on. This boy, Paul, was traveling back home from Anchorage when the car he was in was suddenly hit by a drunk driver, rustling in his death. It was heartbreaking and unbelievable for the family, so much so that the mother tried to kill herself due to a manifestation of guilt, despite the event not being under her control. Though Paul’s absence on earth can never be matched, when this young boy saved the lives of three others, because he was an organ donor, sorrow was lifted from his family. When they saw that their little boy was living on in others, allowing them to have a full life, they were able to find peace. From that experience, and countless others, it is easily seen that being an organ donor provides a family undergoing a loss of a loved with a special sort of comfort that allows them to have an ease in the mourning process.

It is commonly thought that if one is an organ and tissue donor the doctors will not try as hard to save the patient’s life. Instead the doctor would let them pass away for their own benefit. In truth the medical team that is in charge of the patients care is completely separate from the transplant team, and the recovery of the organs only takes place after all efforts have been...

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