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Give Americans Guns Essay

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For years Americans embraced the thought of the Constitutional right to bear arms. They bought guns as easily as Americans today buy over-the-counter medicine. Within the last fifty years, many citizens began to fear what would happen if their right continued. Because of tragedies such as Columbine, the Virginia Tech shooting, and the Sandy Hook massacre, Americans believed the government was not doing enough to protect the citizens. So began the fight for gun control. The controversy of gun control separates America from the fraternal state the Founding Fathers envisioned. The men that established this nation created time-honored ideas that make America great. The Constitution sets forth ...view middle of the document...

The central government’s constitutional powers prohibit them from creating any kind of gun control laws.
All amendments are equal in value to the structure of this nation. If the Second Amendment’s validity can be contested, the other Amendments hold no weight either. The right to bear arms is just as important as any other right of man. When America’s founding fathers created the Bill of Rights, certain rights were included to protect citizens as individuals and as a nation. Removing even one amendment would result in the loss of respect for every other amendment. As said by David Hunstwork, author of “The Accessibility of Guns Protects Lives,”
The ability of a man to bear arms… is a fundamental right of being a free man. That right is no less important, and many would argue even more so, than the right to free speech, assembly, press, or the freedom to worship God without government supervision, permission, or persecution. (1)
The Second Amendment provides safety for the citizens of this country, not danger that deluded citizens believe owning guns entails.
Many of America’s founding fathers stressed the importance of having a small central government. Somewhere in history however, mentality towards that thought began to change, and not for the better. David Huntswork states:
Courage should be honored while self-reliance, self-respect, good citizenship, patriotism, and personal responsibility should be taught and promoted. Instead, it is mocked and subjugated while we are continually spoon-fed the poisoned gruel that we must rely on government for everything, including our self-protection. Government can be good but over-reliance on it is deadly to a culture, and can be to the individual as well. (1)
America’s culture has come to rely on the government for way too much, and this mentality gives the government rights not allowed to them. The federal government is trying to take advantage of this by creating laws that are not in coherence with the Constitution. By trying to pass gun control legislation, the federal government undermines the Constitution on which this nation is built. According to William Jasper, author of “Just say no: sheriffs and legislators standing together against federal attacks on our rights,” citizens who wish to continue down the path of liberty have pointed out “… that what president Obama refers to as commonsense proposals, our Founding Fathers would have denounced as blatant usurpations by a dictorial executive” (Jasper 1). By overreliance on the government, American’s personal rights ensured to them by the Constitution have been placed in peril.
Citizens who wish to enact gun control legislation deceive themselves by not applying common sense. With every law, a loophole is found. The same goes for gun control laws. In an article titled “An Updated Background Check System Will Help Prevent Gun Violence,” loopholes are mentioned that enabled the Columbine shooters and the Virginia Tech shooter to acquire their...

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