Explain The Development Of Surgery During The Two World Wars.

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SECTION A: ABSTRACT ! This essay explains the development of surgery during the two World Wars. It explains why the field of surgery was able to achieve sudden advancement during and between the two world wars. It gives several examples of types of surgery that have developed to a great extent. !!!


SECTION B: OPVL ! The first source is a website, which contains oral histories (interview transcripts), essays and a documentary film. All materials are based on the stories of real WWII military surgeons. This means that all the materials on the website is based on first-hand experience. Since it is a primary source, there is a possibility that this source might lack objectivity. However, this source was valuable for the research as its information was valid, reliable and credible. Also, it contained information that could not be found in any other sources. This website is managed by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery. It can be assumed that all the materials in the website was written / filmed to give information to anyone interested in history of surgery (surgical development during WWII specifically). ! The second source is an encyclopedia article, written by a group of doctors. This source does not specifically state when last update is. This could mean that the article may not be valid anymore. It is a secondary source, which could possibly indicate that some information may be incorrect / interpreted. However, assuming on the fact that its authors are actual doctors, it is more likely that most of the information is accurate. This source was written to give information about the general history of medicine to anyone interested in the topic. This source was valuable for my research, because it was relevant to the essay topic is reliable and credible. Moreover, it is very objective (does not have any personal opinion in it) and contains useful statistics. However, the source deals with history of medicine starting from the time of ancient civilization- it has very little information on the surgical development during WWI and WWII. !!


SECTION C: ESSAY ! The world hit its most unrest state during the first half of the 1900s. The two world wars caused turmoil in a global scale, and resulted in a large number of human casualties. Ironically, the field of surgery had its golden age during and between the two world wars. ! The relationship between these two - surgery and war - has existed since the time of the ancient Greeks. It is clearly shown in Hippocrates' remark: "War is the only proper school for a surgeon." (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons). The field of surgery was able to develop to such extent for several reasons. First, new type of weapon, such as guns and bombs were developed ("History of...

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