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Explain The Operations In Spices Restaurant And Implications Of Total Quality Management On It.

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Introduction :-Spices restaurant is located in J.W Marriott which is one of the best 5 star deluxe properties in Mumbai. JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai where business travel meets leisure. Just a twenty minute drive by car from the airport, this deluxe hotel is strategically located in north Mumbai's new business district overlooking Juhu Beach and the Arabian Sea. ( designer Bill Bensley has created a lush ambience featuring tropical seaside gardens accented by naturalistic waterfalls, torch-lit pathways, lotus pond and Indian sandstone sculptures meticulously crafted onsite by artisans from Rajasthan. ( is an oriental restaurant which serves cuisines from South East Asian countries like Thailand, China and Japan. It is a 120 cover restaurant which includes a Sushi Bar, a Teppanyaki which consists of 12 covers and is only for the VIPs. It has a Wine cellar in which consists of all the famous wines from France, Italy, Switzerland and Sake wine from Japan. It has an elegant front bar which has all the champagnes, liquors and cocktails. Spices is the highest revenue generator among the restaurants in JW Marriott. The restaurant has Chefs from each country for the cuisine they serve. The staff in service is also oriental which gives a total feel of oriental experience in the restaurant.Importance of Operation Management:-"Operations management is concerned with creating, operating and controlling a transformation system which takes inputs of a variety of resources and produces outputs of goods and services which are needed by customers".(Naylor 1996.p.9)Operation management can benefit an organization in following ways:-•It can reduce the costs of producing products and services by being efficient.•It can increase revenue by increasing customer satisfaction through good quality and service.•It can reduce the amount of investment that is necessary to produce the required type and quantity of products and services by increasing the effective capacity of the operation and being innovative in how it uses its physical resources.•It can provide the basis for future innovations by building a solid base of operations skills and knowledge within the business (Slack N, Chambers S, Johnston R2004,p.7)Spices restaurant is a well organized restaurant and is well known of the operation management and follows it.Operations in Spices:-Core Functions:-The functions that manage the three core processes of any business which are Marketing, Product/Service development and Operations. ( Slack et al 2004,p.771)Marketing And Sales :-The marketing is taken care by the JW Marriott`s marketing department. The marketing department of the hotel is responsible for communicating the restaurants products and services for ex. Teppanyaki ,the Sushi specialities, the sake wines etc, to its markets to in order to generate customer request for service.There are many things which the marketing department advertise the...

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