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Focus On The Family Essay

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Many people still face oppression, although if you ask some they may try to convince you that we live in a free and equal America. To some extent that is true, but there are always exceptions. A majority of families have minor issues in their lives, and some think that other families must be the same. It’s time for a rude awakening. Children are, in my opinion, one of the most oppressed groups in America; whether it’s by age, or the fact that they depend on guardians who do not properly care for them. “Approximately 800,000 children every year come in contact with the foster care system” (Facts on Foster Care in America - ABC News 1). This can be from neglect, abuse, mistreatment, etc. and these children have almost no way of stopping their abuser. Not only are these children separated from all that they’ve known, but the effects of foster care can be just as damaging; “Bringing children into state care may provide short-term safety, but it carries the risk of longer term psychological harm associated with foster placement instability” (Scott 37).
In the article “Think Child, Think Family” Dorothy Scott tries to raise awareness about the negative effects of foster and state care on children, while also “building the capacity of child-focused services to be ‘child- and parent-sensitive’ (Scott 42). The article is mainly about “How adult specialist services can support children at risk of abuse and neglect” (Scott 1). In this she, as well as other contributors to the article, believe that there will be less negative effects on the family if the services are focused on both parent and child wellness. Many of the negative effects children develop from instable environments are behavioral problems or trust issues, and as they grow up they can become more prominent in their life. I don’t believe that she is saying that foster care itself is bad for the children, but that the way some case workers or counselors address it can be changed to make it a more uplifting or positive time for the children. In this the families can grow closer and stronger instead of causing a separation. While the parent/guardian receives the required help the case worker should not only think about the child and finding him/her a temporary home, they should be helping the child to better understand the situation, and to accept their temporary conditions.
The process of helping the families grow should actually begin before the child is put into state care. The strengthening of the family and their stability can be brought up at the first signs of a problem. In some cases, depending on the urgency, I think a social worker should try to resolve the problem at hand that has caused the case to be brought up, as long as the parent/care giver is willing. For instance, If a case of child neglect is brought to the surface and a social work investigates the home I think the social worker should not only be looking to see if the environment is an acceptable environment for the...

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