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Thomas Paine returned to Europe from his time in America as a revolutionist. He had changed the minds of thousands of Americans in the way they thought about their revolution. Many of them did not know what they were fighting for. Paine put true hatred for the king of England in the minds of Americans and gave them new meaning to the war they were fighting, both on the home front and on the battleground. Paine saw it all when he was in America. His character in Howard Fast’s Citizen Tom Paine, explains his involvement on the battleground and the motive Common Sense had on the people. On page 115, Fast explains the rise of Paine thanks to his little book, saying, “He was no longer Tom ...view middle of the document...

On page 230 of Citizen Tom Paine, Fast explained Paine’s response process, saying, “He had taken a room at the Angel, an inn at Islington outside of London, and he had a book beside him, a book called Reflections on the Revolution in France, written by Edmund Burke. It was a book that attacked, not only the French Revolution, but all revolution, all progress, all hope, all man’s poor bruised faith in his ability to climb to where the gods sat.” These European revolutions were not the same as the one in America though, although Paine hoped to write for “…all revolution,” he knew the European revolutions weren’t the same (230). All it took in America for Paine to make a paramount difference in the way citizens thought was words, and a pen. It didn’t matter how old he is, it was all about the type of revolution. The French revolution was different from the one here in America. It is evident that one of the major differences between the revolutions in Europe was that they were over monarchies, while in America the revolution was over a new nation trying to be formed. In the European revolutions, citizens did not have goals of succeeding from the king’s power and starting a whole new nation, they just wanted less absolutism from their ruler and more democracy. When Paine arrived in France, so much had already happened in the revolution, such as the fall of the Bastille, and the arrests of the king and queen of France. On page 274 of Citizen Tom Paine, Howard fast explained how the revolution in France was rushing right around Paine, saying, “So Paine sat in the Convention, but said practically nothing. History was rushing on too fast, and he was left behind.” In America, besides having no Bastille and king or...

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