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Give Your Child A Chance At Life

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Abortion is one of the many topics that everyone has an opinion about. Whether you are for or against it everyone has an opinion about it. In our society it is a huge controversial issue that everyone is dealing with on a religious, personal or political aspect. Even though it was declared that abortion is a fundamental right in 1973 there is still debate about it on many different levels. Countless religious affiliations are against it, saying that unborn babies are human beings at the moment of conception, and have the right to life. Catholics are one of the biggest groups that is against abortion; it is in their belief that life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural ...view middle of the document...

Being a teenage mom does not only affect the life of the mother but also their children which are proven to be more likely to suffer medical and psychological disadvantages in their future.. If a teen girl doesn’t want to keep her child adoption is always an option. Many teenage girls are not ready nor want to become a mother at such an early age, but do not choose abortion due to personal or religious beliefs which leave them the option of giving the child away for adoption. There are over two million couples that are not able to have children of their own and consider adoption. If everyone who chose to abort, gave up their child for adoption there would be many happy families that would appreciate a newborn baby in their life, and there would be less murder.
Lastly there is the political and social aspect of abortion; it is not only illegal in over thirty states but it also disrupts our economy and our society. Many abortion providers care more about making money rather than helping out their clients and focusing on their well-being, or even offering them a different option. Each state has a different law, and different opinion on whether abortion should be legal or not and if so under what circumstances. It all depends on the religious and personal points of view of the Supreme Court judges. Abortion eliminates future human beings that could end up changing the world, and giving...

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