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Give Your Son Something To Be Proud Of!

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The targeted audience of my poster is particularly Canadian men who are yet to enlist in the war as well as young children. The purpose is to encourage men to enlist and allow children to develop and grow with a sense of loyalty and patriotism towards Canada. This as a result may lead them to assist in current war efforts at the home fronts or enlist themselves in future wars. The two main themes of this poster is the use of patriotic colours and the use of images which relate to the slogan of the poster. I used an image of the United Kingdom flag as the background of the poster because of its capability to create a spark of patriotism to all citizens of the British Dominions. This image catches a great amount of attention because the bold colours which pop off the page and will seem familiar to the citizens of the British Dominions (ie.Canada). An image of an overjoyed boy being held by a soldier( his father) was used as well to portray an image that directly related to the slogan. The slogan of my poster is “Give Your Son Something To Be Proud of”, and as a result of this I assumed that an image of a young boy mimicking his father would display how fathers should enlist and allow their children to look up to them for their sacrifices and accomplishments. Through the use of children, this poster uses an advertising technique which plays with the emotions of an individual. It portrays that children look up to individuals who sacrifice their lives for a better tomorrow, and thus will lead men to enlist as they want to become heroes in the hearts of young children. It is known that humans are more likely to put an effort into a task once they know that there are people watching them in awe. This connects exactly to my poster because it explains portrays that enlisting in the army allows you to become a positive role model to...

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