Givenchy Haute Couture Is A No Show

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Givenchy has decided to suspend its Haute Couture line and will not show during the Paris schedule in January 2013. The brand released a statement to WWD stating that it "does not rule out Couture presentations in the future" and will continue making and displaying its Couture looks internally to private clients and celebrities. Givenchy will continue to fund its Couture atelier though there is no word on whether the brand will ever present another public show.Givenchy's decision may come as a surprise to some, but for others, this was not unforeseen. Since Riccardo Tisci, the creative director of Givenchy, altered the structure of the house's Fall 2010 Couture showing in July 2010 from a massive runway spectacle to a presentation, it has been evident that the brand wanted to operate in a smaller and more personalized direction.Couture creation is a difficult task - it is the ultimate laboratory for fashion, so to speak. It is time-consuming, scrupulous and expensive - and with diminishing clientele numbers, many have considered that the art of Haute Couture is becoming increasingly less significant on the fashion agenda. Haute Couture is an art form; and as pret-a-porter, commercialism and the more recent fad of 'disposable clothing' become more popular in an industry that is already struggling as a result of the economy, Givenchy's decision is a sad but smart one - and maybe a pre-cursor of the brand's future.Haute Couture debuted in Paris in the mid-19th century, an era marked by opulence and privilege. An emerging designer in this new artistic technique at that time was Englishman Charles Frederick Worth. Worth created the very first fashion house and created a new philosophy as to how clothes should be made. In Worth's world, Haute Couture was for the aristocratic and elite women of society.To be deemed an Haute Couture atelier, a design house must meet all of these guidelines: 1) design made-to-order fitted garments for private clientele, 2) have an atelier in Paris that employs a minimum of fifteen full-time staff, and 3) present a collection to...

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