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Giving Back To The Community Essay

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I intend to give back to the community by combining knowledge obtained from the study of Psychology with the leadership skills I have gained by working in a tutorial program into a wide scale program for underprivileged school children of my community.


I plan to seize this immense educational opportunity with intellectual curiosity and maintain a high grade point average as I have done throughout the four years of my high school education of numerous honor courses in order to attain the knowledge to implement an organization to provide a positive learning environment for young children with special emotional, educational and financial needs. Using the knowledge I earn from a college degree, I plan to create a positive learning environment for underprivileged school children who would not normally receive a quality education and aspire to assist these children in creating lifelong educational, organizational, and social skills to overcome the boundaries of their economic situation and lifestyle.


I believe that a psychology degree from State University will allow me to learn about the behavioral and growth patterns of young children while also teaching me quality methods to effectively reach these children and allow me to expand my educational knowledge in transformation of the streets of the community of Hattiesburg.


Teaching students necessary life skills in a positive learning environment, I hope to create mentors and provide substantial friendships for these young, impressionable students with art lessons and writing workshops to expand creative skills, physical fitness programs to promote healthy lifestyles, and mentoring sessions to maintain a beneficial state of mind and teach the students conflict resolution and similar psychological skills, which can be applied and used to maintain constructive relationships within their family and success within their schoolwork....

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