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Giving College Students Freedom To Choose Courses

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With graduation still fresh in mind, the typical high school graduate looks forward to the next few years of college. When they get to college though, some are rather dissapointed with their courses. Why does a student who wants to major in Computer Engineering have to have to take Principles of Economics or a literature course? Why should a Biology major take a business or English course? Why should a math major take history classes? Why not give college students a little more freedom in their course selection? If a student doesn't need a certain course, letting them drop or replace it would lighten some stress on students. It's not that these classes are a waste of the student's time or ...view middle of the document...

When a student takes a class that they show no interest in, what incentive do they have to strive for a better grade, compared to a class of which they're fond of? If students take classes that they clearly have no more interest in, what ever interest they had left will significantly dissapear. They'lll lose motivation in the course, lose whatever incentive they had, and get flat out lazy to where their grades can show for. Lazyness isn't the only possibility side-effect though, interest loss could make it extremely harder for the student to focus, which in the end would require more of their time to understand and at least pass the course. The extra time needed doesn't seem like much at first, but classes tend to assign homework, research papers, and projects, none of which are easy tasks.
Let's say there's a student enrolled in seven courses, three of which are unnecessary, something the typical college student faces today. Their daily life requires them to set time aside for out-of-class work, they work a part time job that enjoys draining out thirty-nine hours a week out of them in order to help pay for necesities. Now, where in that schedule could the typical college student possibly fit in the minimumly reccomended hours of daily sleep? According to a study, researchers can clearly see a gradual decrease in the ammount of time that students sleep. The survery at the University of St. Thomas in Minn. concluded that 0 percent of college students sleep well under the recommended eight hours of sleep daily. "It seems impossible to judge social life and academics and simultaneously get enough sleep", says sophmore Abigail Mendoza, "We spend all day in class, or at internships for our jobs; the only time left to be productive is in the middle of the night"(THE AGGIE). Sleep deprivation can easily build up academic, emotional, and mental stress within the student; which in turn helps feed the growing insomnia. This same study also showed that students who suffer from sleep deprivation can begin to grow an unhealthy over-dependency on sleeping aids, and according to their research, these same students surviving on the over-the-counter-drugs are twice as likely to turn into alcoholics and are prone to getting addicted to other drugs. "I usually...

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