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Giving ‘Meaning’ To My Life Essay

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The extempore competition held on 27 January, 2011 was different from all other competitions I ever participated.It was because of the topic,that was bestowed upon me by my luck that day,”True meaning of life”. Before that day I never had a serious thought on the crucial question - ‘what is the true meaning or purpose of my life?’But now it required an answer and I had only 240 seconds to prepare my speech.I decided to say whatever that came to my mind and to my surprise,I ended up saying like this-“I don’t know what is the meaning of our life.But each of us have meaning and we bring it to life.I believe we all can give ‘Meaning’ to our lives by doing something that will make at-least few people remember us.And perhaps the best way is to help our fellow human beings,who struggle to lead their lives unlike us.I am grateful that I am not among the 4 million people who live under extreme poverty.I am not in the billion who entered the 21st century unable to read a book.I am not one of those children who die every year due to poverty,away from the conscience of the world.I am privileged and that’s why I want to dedicate my life to serve people;it makes me happy and gives me meaning and fulfillment.” I remember what I said because as soon as I finished my speech,I noted down most of the things I told in my diary.After that I spent about a week to really think deeply about it and determine my future course of life.It’s bizarre,how small events can have huge impact on our lives sometimes.
Reflecting back on what led to truly finding myself,finding what I want to do to give my life a meaning,takes me back to my childhood.My father was an army officer and so my family had to frequently shift from one place to another.As a result,I went to different schools across Bangladesh and had to adapt with new environments,make new friends.Each time I was amazed to see, know new things and my curious mind wanted to explore everything possible.In school,I always participated in all sports competitions and cultural activities with elan.I loved to participate and explore because learning and trying new things was of great enjoyment to me.I also didn’t want to regret in later part of my life that I missed such opportunities.I romanticized about discovering the world and I explored the world through novels,movies and internet.My eyes opened to the world’s spectrum of diversity.This spirit of discovery which I developed in my younger years,not only birthed an intellectual passion towards academic subjects,but also a strong desire to serve humanity.
I believe the watershed event of my life till now was my admission to Jhenidah Cadet College.When I was admitted through a very selective process in class 7,I didn’t have much idea,how this institution will change me to the individual I am today.A disciplined life with rigorous packed schedule and excellent facilities for all activities- games,cultural and of course,academics.I was a fortunate Bangladeshi boy.I had new...

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