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“If murderers are sentenced to death and executed, potential murderers will think twice before killing for fear of losing their own life” (“Prevents”). Although some may think that the death penalty is harsh, “capital punishment is likely to deter more than any other imprisonments because people fear death more than anything else” (“Prevents”). The death penalty is the best form of punishment for those convicted of murder, but it is flawed in many aspects. Part of the problem is that “the laws today are too lenient” (Burgado). This statement couldn’t be more true; there are many murderers that are serving life sentences or are free because the laws aren’t strict enough. “Imprisonments deterrent effect will never be as great as that of the death penalty” (Burgado). People murder because there is chance that there will be no serious consequence. Spending a lifetime in jail may not be that great of a consequence. The death penalty should definitely deter potential murderers. “Millions are being killed and will be killed because our justice system isn’t working” (Burgado). The system is too slow and is not harsh enough. “Death sentences remain at or near historically low levels” (“End”). This is unacceptable; there are plenty of murderers sitting in jail that should be executed for heinous crimes. Many Americans are pushing for death row support, many believe in the eye for an eye policy. The American people believe that capital punishment is the quickest and most efficient way to achieve justice. For the sake of the American people and in order to achieve equal justice, the Unites States needs to reform and enforce the death penalty.
The methods to execute someone are literally endless; however there are five main types of execution that have been used throughout the history of the death penalty. Lethal injection has been the most used style of execution for the past quarter of a century. “Lethal injection was first proposed in 1888 in New York” (Stewart). Although it was proposed more than one hundred years ago, it took quite a long time to catch on and become an actual permitted method of execution. “Lethal injection involves the convict being strapped down to a table with an intravenous solution of lethal drugs being pumped into the convict’s arm” (Stewart). This method of execution is still debated about today over whether it is really humane or not.
Electrocution is another common and famous method of execution. “Electrocution was first used in 1890” (Stewart). Electrocution is most commonly known method of execution in America, but it is rarely used in today’s day and age due to an evolving politically correct society. “Electrocution involves a convict being strapped to a chair with arms and legs immobilized. An electric current of sufficient intensity will pass through the convict’s body until the convict has died” (Stewart). This method has been phased out due to its gruesome results and very graphic performance.
An execution method...

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