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Giving The Nation’s Students Their Potential

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Controversy surrounding the school system tends to focus on one continual argument, should students be required to follow a dress code. This subject has been a hot topic debate between students, parents, and school systems for over half a century. A dress code can be anything from a required uniform, to students that are required to wear clothing that does not depict specific logos or emblems that are deemed unsafe, vulgar, or unethical. The argument originated when three young adults wanted to wear black armbands in protest of the Vietnam War in 1965. From this point, the argument did not cease and still continues. There are three main reasons why a dress code can be considered a moral ...view middle of the document...

This action caused the families of the three students to stand up to the schools and sue, resulting in the beginning of quarrel surrounding dress codes in schools.
Keeping their children safe is something parents expect from the school system. Safety is, in theory, the most important attribute associated with the enforcement of a dress code. One of the more common examples that can be made here is the Columbine High School shooting in 1999.Two young men garbed in black trench coats implemented the deadliest high school shooting to date in the United States. Consequently, it is hard to determine if a dress code would have prevented the horrendous act, but the trench coats that the two were wearing are nearly as infamous as the two shooters themselves. In an article published in the Journal of Family and Consumer Science, the trench coats are described as providing the ability to bring weapons into the school because they were long and concealing (Campbell 25). Some might argue that the best way to keep students safe is installing security guards and metal detectors. The problem with this statement is not all school districts can afford to invest in these security measures, and because of this reason, a dress code can be considered the best and cheapest alternative.
The implementation of a dress code has a high probability to help students obtain higher self-achievements by removing a major distraction in their school lives. When the focus of the school is geared towards a dress code, students have a tendency to focus more on school work than be distracted by the attire of other students. DaCosta, published in The Journal of Negro Education, stated that students not subjected to articles of clothing that symbolize status amongst themselves would strive to accomplish more in school (49). Students have a tendency to view others based on what that are dressed in. Without a dress code a social construct is formed; the well-dressed students in expensive clothing will typically be found higher on the social hierarchy of the school. Furthermore, by removing this distraction, students can focus more on school work instead of dwelling over social status.
Dress codes can provide security to students from gang activity; by eliminating clothing that represents a gang’s color or logo, students will feel safer in the school environment. Gang affiliation is typically associated with the color of clothing worn by the gang member; however, sometimes...

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