Giving Voice To Those Who Are Unable Michigan State University Iah 209 Essay

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The Revolutionary Theatre of Victimization in Dutchman
When most people think of a victim, they think of someone powerless who has been attacked or deceived by someone else. The “victim” is usually referred to as the person people feel bad for. But, is it possible for a victim to actually be someone else’s hero? The play, Dutchman, written by Amiri Bakara, otherwise known as LeRoi Jones, is about a young, intellectual African American man named Clay who slowly becomes victimized by Lula, a beautiful, much older, white woman that he encounters on a New York subway. The two characters spark a conversation that started out lighthearted, but became increasingly suspenseful as flirtation arose in Clay’s tone of voice. Dutchman can be seen as an example of “Accuse and Attack” in the Revolutionary Theatre, also known as a ‘theatre of victims’. This type of theatre must accuse and attack anything that can be accused and attacked. The victimization in Dutchman involves the main characters, Clay and Lula, where Clay is seen as an empowered African American man in America who becomes easily manipulated by Lula, an older, beautiful, white woman. Throughout the play, Clay is relentlessly victimized by Lula as she
Dutchman first began with Lula sparking a...

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