Glaciers In Oregon And The Fertile Crescent: Fields And Rivers

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Glaciers in Oregon
Glaciers are a big part of life in Oregon. Glaciers supply drinking water, they irrigate crops and they help generate hydroelectric power. They are also a tourist attraction in areas that have more mountains. Glaciers are a natural resource that are so rare that people all over the world are trying to get these “frozen streams.” People want the power of glaciers because they can provide drinking water and people living in the city of La Paz, Bolivia rely on the melting of the glaciers. Glaciers irrigate crops and thousands of years ago people in Russia and Asia knew that dark colors promoted melting. This is how they watered their crops during dry periods. Even though this method has been proven very costly, India has created artificial glaciers to provide people with more water. Scientists have been damming glacial meltwater to help generate hydroelectric power. Glaciers supply drinking water to the community and are running low because they are continuing to melt.
Glaciers have drastically changed over time because on average, “glaciers worldwide have been losing mass since at least the 1970s”. The melting of glaciers has been contributing to the rise in sea level because the glaciers have been shrinking faster in the last decade. Three of the major glaciers in the us have shown an overall drop in mass since the 1950s and 1960s and an accelerated rate of decline in recent years. An ice cap covered Mt. Hood during the Ice Age, from about 1.8 million years ago to about 10,000 years ago. These ice caps covered the Oregon Cascades, a series of mountains in Oregon, with glaciers going down on the east and west sides of the range. These glaciers melted into smaller glaciers as the weather proceeded to get warmer. The Eliot Glacier is Oregon’s largest glacier, which is about 1.6 square kilometers and flows from the summit of Mt. Hood and down the north side. The meltwater from this glacier forms Eliot Creek, and provides water to the apple and pear orchards below. The Collier Glacier is the largest glacier on the Three Sisters, a volcanic mountain range. This glacier is about 0.65 square kilometers (measured in 1994), having lost 64 percent of its area since 1910. Now, the glacier is still continuing to melt. It melted faster and then slowed down, then went faster again. This cycle is similar to other glaciers in this region.
Glaciers have impacted people all over the world. Oregon has glaciers that have impacted the people that live there drastically. Glaciers are a rare resource that many people need and want for hydroelectric power, water and irrigation for crops. The impact of the melting of glaciers are that the glaciers are melting so fast that soon there will be none left. This means we need to find another source for hydroelectric power, our drinking water and the season’s crops won’t be as prosperous.

The Fertile Crescent (Fields and Rivers)
The Fertile Crescent was known as the “Cradle of Civilization”...

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