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Gladiator Essay

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There have been many sports movies made over the years. Some have been good, while others have been flops. Many sports movies have not been considered overall good movies simply because they were sports movies. I feel that one of the best and most overlooked sports movies of all time is the movie Gladiator. Gladiator is not only a good sports movie, but it is an all around good movie.

Before we can call an all around movie a "good" movie, we must first define what a good movie is. A good movie can be defined as a movie that has many exceptional movie elements. The following are some major movie elements: plot, drama, special effects, theme, and character acting.

For my review of the movie Gladiator, I will first explain what each one of the major movie elements needs to consist of to be considered good. I will then briefly describe the plot of the movie Gladiator. After that, I will compare the movie elements in Gladiator to the movie elements of a good movie. By doing this, I will explain how Gladiator is an all around good movie.

Before a movie can be considered good, it must have a good plot. A good plot is a plot that tells a definite story and doesn’t focus on unimportant details. It moves from point to point and is never dull. A good plot also keeps the audience in suspense and has them wondering what will happen next. The most important part of a good plot is that it must give the audience something unexpected when it plays itself out. It should be surprising and the audience should not be able guess what will happen next.

Drama is not a necessity of all movies, but it is a necessity of a good sports movie. A good sports movie should be full of drama. The audience should find themselves turning their heads away from the screen in astonishment or feeling a few different strong emotions during a good sports movie.

Special effects have become especially popular in the 1990’s. The most common special effects are computer generated additions to movies of objects that don’t exist to actually film but can still be viewed in the movie. Special effects are for certain genres of movies. Science Fiction and futuristic movies would need a large quantity of high quality special effects to be a successful movie.

A theme should be common in a movie if the movie is related to life in any way. The general purpose of movies is to entertain, but the greatest form of entertainment is achieved when the audience feels that it has received a moral lesson that will affect their own lives.

The final major characteristic of a good movie is character acting. It is obviously important to have good actors, but the actors must also personally fit into the parts they are playing. High quality actors that fit into the roles they are playing are quite necessary for the movie to be a successful movie.

The movie Gladiator has a fascinating plot. A brief description of the plot will now be given. A summary of the quality of the plot...

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