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Gladiator The Movie Essay

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The main character of the movie ‘Gladiator’ is a poor teenager Tommy Railey. Tommy, a newcomer to a tough Chicago inner city high school, becomes a boxer to pay off his fathers gambling debts. At first he works in a dinner to earn money. Later he decides to fight for money so that he can pay off his father quickly. Although boxing is a dangerous sport, fighting helps keep him off the streets and out of violent gangs. It is also a way for Tommy to earn money, sublimate anger towards his absent father and numb the emotional pain of a broken home. Unluckily, Mr. Horn, a nefarious businessman exploiting hungry boxers like prize pigs for his illegal matches, controls Tommy. Consequently, enraged Tommy earns enough money and defeats Mr. Horn’ s standards by wining his freedom, and beating him in a fight. Tommy, a very gifted young man, adamantly takes the anger he has inside and uses it to achieve his goals.
     On his first day at school, a gang of thugs confronts Tommy. Tommy later finds that the gang members are his classmates who push him around in class. Tommy’ s father was a gambler and hung around with people that were up to no good. Therefore Tommy focuses on school and aspires to attend college some day. On his first day at school he shows knowledge of meaning behind Mark Twain’s literature, leaving his classmate thugs shocked. The same day Tommy befriends a classmate. She appreciates his wisdom and hires him to wash dishes in her parent’s dinner. The dinner is located in the neighborhood, and is frequented by the thugs who rule the streets of the area. They fight the other students around the area on regular basis.
     In another scene gang members surround Tommy on his way to work. Tommy fights back and punches two of them later to be stopped by an older man. The man tells off the thugs and follows Tommy inside the dinner. The man is a Mr. Horn’s recruiter and the gang member’s work for Mr. Horn. Mr. Horn is a former boxer turned businessman who organizes illegal boxing matches. At the dinner the man sits by Tommy and makes him an offer he cannot refuse. He explains that since the thugs he just beat up seem weaker then him, he could fight against them and earn quick cash. Aware of his father’s debt, Tommy hopes to pay it off as soon as possible so he takes on the job and commits to one fight that evening.
     On the eve of the fight Tommy enters a boxing arena that does not resemble a sports center. Crowds of men and women waging bets are all around the boxing platform.
He is led to an underground locker room where he meets the recruiter who at last explains that the fight is not a regulated boxing match. It is more of a street fight in which the stronger man will could live. He also crosses paths with the gang members who are getting warmed up for their next fight. Angered by the uncertainty Tommy furiously
Throws punches until he knocks down his opponent by...

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