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Glass Essay

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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a loosely autobiographical memory play this is enriched with symbolism. The play itself is symbolic and parallels with much of Williams own unhappy family background. The symbolism used by the playwright is used to represent the desire to escape or to distinguish the difference between illusion and reality. Much of the symbolism used is specific to each character, but the most important symbol is Laura’s glass menagerie.
The Glass Menagerie as a whole serves as a reflection of Tennessee Williams personal life. The character of Tom, who is named after Williams own given name of Thomas, shares the same desire to escape from his demanding family life. Laura, whose nickname Blue Roses is a veiled reference to Tennessee Williams sister Rose. Laura much like Rose also suffers from a disability. While Rose suffered from schizophrenia, Laura’s disability was physical but both women were emotionally fragile and dependent on others to care and provide for them. Amanda Wingfield is very similar to Williams mother Edwina. Both matriarchs deeply care for their children but live in a world of illusion, where their reality is having a life of social poise and grandeur. The Wingfield patriarch abandoned the family years before the events of the play but it can be noted that he is similar to Williams own father who was an alcoholic traveling salesman who was always away from home.
The Glass Menagerie is a play about the memories of a young man named Tom Wingfield. Tom dreams of escaping his complicated and completely dependent family. Tennessee Williams uses symbolism to emphasize Tom’s yearning to leave. The first symbol of this the fire escape which serves as a bridge to reality from the illusive world of the Wingfields to the real world. Tom routinely uses the fire escape as an exit instead of using the front door. Tom also finds it to be one of his favorite places and frequently goes out there to smoke and get away from his mother. The fire escape is a stairway meant to be used to flee in case of an emergency, this is symbolic of the urgency he feels to get away. Tom’s habit of going to the movies is also a form of escape for him. While he may not actually be going to the movies, he truly just longs to find adventure in the real world. His mother attempts to keep him from reality by calling him a “selfish dreamer”. The portrait of Mr. Wingfield serves as a symbol that only Tom identifies with. Amanda is quick to point out that his father abandoned them whenever Tom is on the verge of leaving. Tom, of course, is comfortable with leaving and following in his father’s footsteps. Tom himself says, “I'm like my father. The bastard son of a bastard! Did you...

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