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Glass Menagerie Jim Essay

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In the play, "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams, Laura Wingfield struggles with her everyday life. Laura and the rest of her family continue to suffer from the difficulties of the real world. Jim's purpose in this play is to serve as a symbol of confidence and reality, to give Laura a glimpse of hope and success, and to positively influence the Wingfields with his personality and character.Jim's assertive attitude brings Laura out of her glass world and shows her the burdens of the real world. Amidst the conversation between Laura and Jim, Jim breaks Laura's most prized possession: the glass unicorn. Laura has lived most of her life inside a glass menagerie world, refusing to face reality, symbolizing the fragile nature of a dream world. When Jim shatters her unicorn, he releases Laura from the fragile dream world and conveys her to the hardships of reality. When Laura finally realizes the collapse of her glass world, she gives the last remnants of it to Jim as "a souvenir" (Williams 91). This act of acceptance is Laura’s first step into the real world. Jim finally removes the influence the glass menagerie had on Laura, freeing her from the imprisonment and exposing her into reality. It is because of Jim that Laura is becoming consciously aware of her position in the real world.Jim's continual display of understanding guides Laura into feeling important. He tells her to "loosen th' backbone!" (85). Jim helps make Laura a better individual, one that is more self-righteous in the acts she commits. He wants Laura to have a strong sense of pride and honor and that she should never be ashamed of whom she is. Jim also appraises Laura's beauty...

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1152 words - 5 pages escape in The Glass Menagerie symbolizes Tom’s deep desire to escape and Laura’s inability to. 5. The unicorn in The Glass Menagerie is one of most interesting symbols in the entire play. Laura’s unicorn is a part of the glass menagerie and her favorite piece. She shows Jim the unicorn in scene seven and while they are dancing, Jim knocks the unicorn off the table and its horn breaks off. Laura is clearly different from other girls, just like

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