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Glass Technology Essay

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Introduce about glass and glass technology in society.“. If marble and stone symbolize Renaissance architecture, glass is the DNA of the new modernity. In the hands of special talent, glass transcends utility and the mere act of the building.” (Hyatt, P2004, page 1).This paragraph can be introduction paragraph. It uses other materials to emphasize ‘glass material’ as ‘DNA of the new modernity’.Glass is among the few solid which transmit light in the visible region of the spectrum. Glasses provided light in our homes through window and electric lamps. They provide the basic elements of virtually all optical instruments. The world wide telecommunication system is based on the transmission of light via optical waveguides. The esthetic appeal of fine glassware and crystal chandeliers stems from the high refractive index and birefringence provided by lead oxide, while the magnificent windows of many cathedrals exits only because of the brilliant colors which can be obtained in glasses. Modern glass technology increasingly relies on the application of non-traditional optical effects such as photosensitivity, phototropism. Light scattering, Faraday rotation and a host of other. (Shelby, J1997, page 195).The effect of glass technology in our lifestyle, this is also a summary of the development of technology glass.What glass made from“Sand is the most important raw material for glass. Almost halp the earth’s solid surface consist of silicon dioxide (SiO2) , a main component of various sand and rocks.” . Raw material for the manufacture of glass is “soda ash, glauber’s salt, potash, lime, alumina, lead oxides, barium oxide, boron compounds, and coloring agents.”(Pfaender, H1996, page26)“Glass is arguably the most remarkable material ever discovered by man. Made from the melting and cooling of the earth’s most abundant mineral, it provides a substance that is transparency and rock hard, and so chemically inert that almost anything can be kept in a container made from it. It has given us the lens, the bottle, the fiber optic able, fabrics and the window”. Glass is “very specific material for the contemporary designer, from optics and telecommunication to electrical engineering”. (Wigginton, M1996, page 1). This paragraph summary how the glass is made and what glass can do in society.Characteristic of glass.Glass is an inherently strong material and is weakened only by surface imperfections. Tempered or heat-treated glass is stronger and more resistant to thermal stress and impact than annealed glass. Glass is also possesses a hard surface, resisting scratches and abrasions. When stresses, it will rebound to its original space until it reaches its breaking point, which is again much higher if glass has been tempered. Glass is chemical- and corrosion –resistant and is impervious to most industrial and food acids. It is also shock –resistant and can withstand intense...

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