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Glass to Powder

People often compare wakeboarding and snowboarding as similar sports, although they have many differences. Wakeboarding and snowboarding require similar techniques. They both involve weight shifts, edge control, carving techniques, lateral movements requiring balance and substantial pressure on the legs. It is no surprise that wakeboarding is the perfect crossover sport for its winter counterpart, snowboarding. Most professional wakeboarders hit the slopes in the off season to keep in shape and vice versa with snowboarders. These sports incorporate the same muscles, rhythm, body movements, style, and the same type of tricks. People who are involved in both sports seem to catch on a lot quicker and easier. Everything comes more naturally. Riding both water and snow really boosts your confidence level allowing you to realize that there definitely are similarities and differences between the wakeboarding and snowboarding.

The riding style of snowboarding and wakeboarding is very similar in many ways. In both sports rhythm is very important to keep everything flowing and staying clean. Over the last few years the similarities are becoming even more evident. The introduction of hardshell boots and bindings on wakeboards are intended to prevent ankle injuries almost exact to snowboard boots and bindings. Both sports require you to face your upper body down the course, across the center line, and around the turns. This means you turn your legs and hips at the waist instead of turning your entire body. They both incorporate weight shifts from side-to-side very frequently. The carving technique is similar, both using a toe edge and a heal edge. Edge control is very important too. It is obvious that if you don't have control over toe and heal sides, you are going to fall.

Some may argue the two sports are nothing alike. Of course the most obvious difference is that one is done on water and the other is on a snow-covered mountain. Most people think that snowboarding is harder to do because you do not have the rope to help pull you through an invert and help balance your weight out evenly. Although when snowboarding you don't have to worry about holding on to the rope or doing a handlepass in the middle of a trick. You can get the feel for the spin and air awareness on a snowboard, but you still have to work on the handlepass and staying on-axis when you take it to the water. Most wakeboarders think that snowboarding will be a snap for them because they are so similar. The thing that is not realized is how much the rope helps to handle the balance. Therefore, making
them totally different. Also weight distribution is much more critical in snowboarding because the foot with the most weight on it is the one that wants to go downhill first. The terrain is a lot different in snowboarding such as; half pipes, quarter pipes,...

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