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Glasses Of The Future: Google Glass

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When I was a child I would watch a show called “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” and one of the character’s named Cookie was sort of a “tech nerd”. He happened to be my favorite character because he pretty much had a computer built into his glasses. I knew that they were fakes but I couldn’t help but wonder if they would actually exist one day. In February of 2013 Google announced that they have been developing an OHMD product with hopes of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. The product now known as Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head mounted display, run on android operating system. Google Glass is a very innovative way to bring the internet with you on the go and not cause a distraction like smartphones. Google is known for impacting society but Google Glass is having a major impact and receiving mixed signals.
Google Glass is a product meant to offer another way to access the features of your android smart phone but in a less distracting way. During a discussion Co-founder of Google and developer Sergey Brin explained his reasoning for developing Google Glass, he first refers to the typical “hunched over while looking down at your phone position” and states “we ultimately questioned whether this is the ultimate future of how you want to connect to other people in your life, how you want to connect to information. Should it be by just walking around looking down?” This is an interesting subject he brings up; a lot of people are often hunched over while staring at their cell phones and even developments like the bluetooth or just simply earphones don’t allow you to view your cellphone without being hunched over. It also prevents from socially isolating yourself; with the help of the glasses you can still operate some form of electronic device without being visibly rude. He also states that he wanted to develop a product that not only frees your hands but also frees your eyes, speaking of the design of the glasses. Google’s developers have seemed to come up with a way to help out a technically savvy society, solving most of the minor issues that technology brings us. With the help of the android operating system and Google software this product will definitely serve its purpose.
It is known that those who work for Google are very creative, but they have outdone themselves with the features that Google Glass has to offer. The Google Glass has a sleek design; it resembles standard eyeglasses with the lens replaced by a head-up display which is over your visual field. Stated in USA Today, “the visual display provides contextual information and lets you do just about anything a smartphone would, from texting and geosocial check-ins to turn-by-turn directions all without lifting a finger.”(Hatmaker) These features were developed because those at Google feel that technology “should be there whenever you need it and get out of your way when you don’t” (Hatmaker). More specifically Google Glass is compatible...

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