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Glo Bus Online Business Simulation Analysis

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I. The Firm's ObjectivesA clear strategic plan was set out in the beginning, and adhered to throughout the course of the simulation. Our overall objective was to determine the correct mix and balance of camera components, which enabled the most favorable outcome in the competitive arena. In order to offset the cost structure of the multi-feature camera, a low cost structure for the entry-level camera was implemented. This was achieved by offering a differentiated, high end multi-feature camera, offset by a low cost leader entry-level camera.Entry-level strategyo Low cost strategyo Minimal featureso Low cost per unit on core componentso Market leadero High sales volumeo Low P/Q ratingo High ...view middle of the document...

This lead to the lowest production cost in the industry.II. The Target MarketsAmalgamated Holdings target market shifted as the simulation progressed. In both cameras the target market fluctuated from concentration in North America and Europe, to more of a mass market targeting, with concentration in Asia Pacific and Latin America. Our goal was to stay on the right side of the perceptual map, for both cameras, occupying uncharted spaces by other firms. Sweet spots were found in the right upper corner, for entry level, and lower left for the multi-feature and maintained through our the simulation (See perceptual maps in Appendix A).Entry-Level Camerao Demographic- A mass marketing campaign was taken with high retail coverage. Users wanted a low price camera with minimal features and low spending on core components. Targeted user sought a low end camera for a low end cost.o Region- NA and EA were targets, while lower market share existed in AP and LA. Later, it was determined as AP and LA were targeted, with lower prices, high market share growth could be achieved in those countries, while still growing in NA and EA, as illustrated in the market share charts of Appendix A. This move resulted in a higher aggregate market share for entry-level cameras.Multi-feature Camerao Demographic- Targeted users of this camera shopped at local camera shops and were looking for a camera with high performance quality, high P/Q rating, and an abundance of features. These users were willing to pay and elevated price for this high end camera.o Region- NA and EA were targets at the start, yet as the correct P/Q rating and price were found, to maximize market share, it was determined that greater results were yielded if market characteristics were targeted for AP and LA, (see market share graphs in Appendix A). As price was lowered, along with P/Q rating greater market share was achieved. This kept in alignment with our high-end strategy because Amalgamated holding stayed with in the upper right hand corner of the perceptual map, remaining high-end in relation to competitors.III. The Marketing MixOther competitive factors being equal (P/Q rating, advertising, model selection, special promotion, and so on), charging a wholesale price that was below the geographic market average, raised Amalgamated Holding's potential for above average unit sales and market share. However, price was a much bigger factor in the entry-level segment as opposed to the multi-featured segment. The users of multi-featured cameras were more concerned about picture quality and performance features, than they were about price. We could charge above-average prices for multi-featured cameras because users were willing to pay more for the quality product. It possessed a higher P/Q rating, increased advertising, more special promotions with attractive discounts off regular price, and longer warranties. We chose to have fewer models, than competitors, so as not to risk losing sales and market share to...

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