Global And Domestic Marketing Decisions. Essay

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Introduction.Effective marketing makes certain that a company's products are in line with what the consumers' needs within an ever-changing environment. It is very important to observe these changes regularly and undertake programs of activity geared to adapting the company's response to them. As the mobile generation traverses internationally even more, behaviors will no longer be limited to a single region but span multiple regions via multiple devices. Globalization is an inevitable growth for the online industry. But just like other industries, only the early birds get the worm.The depth of understanding the foreign cultures and business practices separates export success from failure. Culture is not bad or better, it is merely different. Culture influences the product and service requirements and the business practices. Some business practices that are acceptable in the exporting country may not be acceptable in the importing country.External Environment.Companies are operating within a larger framework of the external environment that shapes the opportunities and threat to an organization. The external environment for global and domestic marketing decisions is comprised of forces that are apart of a company's marketing process but is external to the organization. Revolutionary products create new product-markets. Competitors are always developing and copying new ideas and products, making existing products out of date more quickly than ever (Perreault & McCarthy, 2002, p. 3). Those forces include the organization's market, its producer's suppliers and intermediaries. It would be necessary for companies to understand that the environmental conditions because the conditions interact with marketing strategy decisions. The external environmental has a huge impact on the determination of marketing decisions. Any successful company will scan the external environment that affects them so they would be able to respond profitably to the unmet needs and trends in targeted markets.Variables.There are countless variables that function within a company dealing in a global market that can have direct or indirect influence on their strategy. A successful company is one that understands and will anticipate and take advantage of the changes with the organization's environment. There are technological, political and social external environmental factors and how they effect global and domestic marketing decisions.The technological environment refers to any new technologies that creates new products and market opportunities. Those developments are the most manageable uncontrollable force that is faced by marketers. Technology has an incredible effect on life styles, consumption patterns and the economy. The advances in technology can start new industries or can alter or destroy industries and will stimulate separate markets. As Phillip Kotler states, "products have a limited life; product sales passes through distinct stages, each posing...

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