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Global And Internal Influences Which Lead To The Colonisation Of Australia Ikc102 Essay

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The colonisation of Australia and its indigenous peoples occurred as a result of influences within England and events which occurred globally. Different racial theories were used to justify discrimination and applied socially/legally to subjugate another culture. These theories are valued europeans and European culture as the high class and with this domineer there would be no problem with stepping on the “lower races”, just as the aristocracy had been doing to the lower classes for hundreds of years. Main cause for this discrimination, greed, in the quest to obtain wealth humans value themselves over other people, causing pain and suffering to others for their own gain.

The middle ages of British history begins at the end of the fifth century and finishes after Henry XII’s victory in the war of the roses. This was a period of increasing divide between the upper and lower classes. The blind acquisition of wealth by British aristocracy meant working class people were pushed further into poverty. This coupled with a sharp increase in population density had devastating effects on the health of working people, disease ran rampant with a lack of sanitation and over crowding there was little to prevent transmission of infection. In the 14th century disease and poverty killed half the population of England through the great famine and the bubonic plague.
During the 14th and 15th century England gained wealth through taxes, piracy and slavery, allowing the construction of more ocean going vessels and expansion of their global influence.

Australia was not the first country to be colonised by the British and also not the first to be used as a penal colony. Imperialism in England was a driving political force which aimed to collect of wealth and influence for the British empire. The Americas was colonised for convicts “In 1717 a system of transporting convicts from the British isles to North American colonies had been begun to deter wicked and evil disposed persons from committing crimes, and to provide labour for the colonies.” (Clark, 1981, pp. 60-61) By 1776 the American colonies had begun to revolt, meaning that England could no longer offload convicts to America. This meant that the British government was forced to look for alternative options. Although the government attempted to keep prisoners within England, their goals were overcrowded and couldn't keep up with the amount of criminals needing to be incarcerated.

The industrial revolution caused problems such as overcrowding, increased crime and disease. Land was consolidated under the inclosure of land act, allowing land that had previously been considered common to be privately owned. Large farms began purchasing smaller properties around them, so they could reap the benefit of farming large plots of land for market, rather than for individual consumption. This decreased the amount of jobs that could be found in rural areas and drove country people into cities to find work, often in...

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