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Global And Local Issues Underlying The Corporations And The Media In Our Society

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The movies that I will be discussing are "The Corporation," "Trade Secrets," and "Merchants of Cool." In the following movies, I will be discussing global and local issues, that relate to the ideas of the "Magic Porcelain Appliance," "Conscious stardust," and "Discreteness/Separation."Today we know that corporations, for good or bad, are major influences on our lives. For example, of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations while only 49 are countries. The advantage of having a corporation over being an individual investing in trade voyages etc, was that an individual's debts could be inherited by descendants. Corporations had therefore the potential, from the onset, to become very powerful. There is much recognized and unrecognized corporate influence in our lives. Indeed, much of western culture and increasingly, around the world, consumerism is expanding. Like for example, in the movies "The Corporation" there are issues surrounding the concept of influencing children in buying their products. Marketers see children as a future as well as current market and hence brand loyalty at a young age helps in the quest of continued sales later. Candy and sweets are often put on stands in shops at the eye level of children. While it would be healthier to have foods, like fruits and vegetables in those places, the bright colors and packaging used to sell sweets are more likely to attract children's attention. The dictum of consumerism and corporate capitalism dictates that social good comes through subtle greed and meeting demands of people. Yet, putting candy at the eye level of children creates a demand that otherwise may not have been there, or not have been there in as much intensity. Likewise, highly caffeinated soft drinks that are being consumed more and more, have negative health effects. Influence from corporation is a problem, because there is a great effect on society, especially when it is manipulating children into buying unhealthy products. Another global issue that must be mentioned is the fact that corporations are harming animals for their own good and wealth. Like for example in the movie, there was this whole issue of the milk company called "Posilac." They injected artificial hormones into the cows, so that they will produce more milk. This just shows how greedy a corporation can be. Their only objective is to make money. They are using an animal as their production and don't look at the moral issues behind what their doing. They were injecting artificial hormones which will harm the cows and make them sick. Corporations are about production (Posilac's use of cows) and profit (their characteristic of greed). It sickens me because they are harming the animal, but also due to the fact that they don't even care that they are harming an animal, and only cares for how much money they make out of it, which is their greed. Another global issue is the fact that some corporations are dumping chemicals in the oceans, rivers,...

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