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Global Markets, Represented Through Food Essay

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The components of the meals I chosen are: steak, green peppers, onions, rice, and for the second meal, pasta, hamburger, and spaghetti sauce. The rice came from China, and the pasta originated from Italy. Rice comes from the rice plant. It originated in China, grown on flooded terraces, and became a part of all Asian cultures, not just the consumption of it, but also the backbreaking work associated with it and the seasonal happenings such as monsoons. Hamburger was originated in Hamburg, Germany.
I buy all my foods from the local grocery store. During the summer, I like to buy my vegetables from a fruit and vegetable stand. For some reason, I believe they seem to be more fresh and tasty when they are purchased from the stand. With the grocery store, I do believe their vegetables and fruits are sprayed with chemicals. They are less organic. I do know now that most stores are now starting to carry the organic fruits and vegetables. Where I live at, we are fortunate to have a vegetable and fruit stand that is open all year round. The one thing I have noticed is the prices are much higher in the winter than the summer. The reason for the higher prices is due to the cost of gas prices since items need shipping in because of the season.
Eating a meal is considered an everyday thing that individuals do without giving it much thought. However, the food availability process that brings the food to your table involves many interesting factors that will make you think differently about the way you eat.
The benefits of global markets would be the declining communication and transportation cost directly reduce what consumers and businesses pay for a wide range of goods and services.
The two benefits of global markets would be increased sales and diversified markets. With the increased sales, the domestic sales will be decent, then that will be a great time to start your exporting. With the diversified markets, the companies that market internationally will be able to take the advantage of the booming export markets. There really are a few more benefits to the global markets. To me the most important negative impact is the economy. With the economy’s fluctuation, I feel the global markets would suffer due to the unstableness. Another negative impact would include the climate change. The climate plays an important role in the agriculture aspect because it helps the growth of fruits and vegetables. Climate change affects all areas of the agriculture and the product farmers need to produce for the food markets.
In the twentieth century, food supply came under the rules of a new political and economic order. Large food stocks have proved to be one of the main geopolitical assets of rich nations. Most affluent countries are or have been large exporters of food, and they control the global food market to their advantage.
The global food market is dominated by the most affluent countries, which, on average, have controlled almost 70 percent of the...

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