Global Broadband Review

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Broadband Infrastructure ReviewObjectiveOur project Broadband Infrastructure Review has several objectives. First, we introduce broadband infrastructure in terms of different types of access technologies. Second, we apply Michael Porter's Diamond model to analyze the rather high growing broadband development in HK. Lastly, we attempt to conclude the major factors that shall be maintained or enhanced for HK to further boost its broadband development. One of the specials about our project is that we try to focus the analysis locally but we learn and thought from a worldwide perspective. In this survey, you would not only see the examination of Porter's Diamond model applied in local context but also much data and information about worldwide broadband developments, especially some learning and comparison with Korea and the US.Broadband Definition by OFTADifferent organizations may have different definitions of broadband. But to be precise and practical, the most common meaning of broadband can be simply summarized as the capacity to transmit data at the rate of 1.5Mbps or above using family of Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL), Local Multipoint Distribution Services (LMDS), Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB), cable modem or other technologies.Nowadays, since the broadband is mostly used for connecting to the Internet, to most people broadband refers to a high speed connection to the Internet, in short, people call it Broadband Internet or Broadband Internet Access, which becomes a narrow but most popular definition of broadband.I - Broadband Infrastructure OverviewWorldwide Broadband DevelopmentAfter illustrating different kinds of broadband technologies, a systematic and brief study of worldwide broadband development is necessary to deepen our understanding of the topic. The paper has selected the broadband development of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries to study the worldwide broadband development. OECD is an international organization of industrialized, market-economy countries. In OECD, representatives from 30 Member countries meet to exchange information and harmonize policy with a view to maximizing economic growth within Member countries and assisting non-Member countries develop more rapidly. This paper highlights the following characteristics in order to enrich our learning.1.Liberalization by Enhancing Competition of OECD Countries and Providing Incentive to High InvestmentIn liberalizing their telecommunication markets, OECD countries have taken steps to provide competitive forces that will build choices for users. Policies such as unbundling local loops and line sharing are key regulatory tools used to create the right incentives for new investment in broadband access. Nearly all OECD members have introduced or decided to introduce such policies to encourage more investment in telecommunication infrastructure from private sectors. The United States government has successfully motivated AT&T to invest USD...

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