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IntroductionBusinesses do not succeed solely due to luck, and if for some reason they do, they will not do so for a long period of time. This is because success depends on the strategic planning and execution of the company's mission, vision, goals and objectives. In a world of rapid globalization, business strategies must now consider foreign countries in their operations. This paper will provide an analysis on a possible global business venture for SBC Communications in India. Along with a country analysis, recommendations will be provided for launching a Technical Support Call Center for SBC's DSL Internet Services.Company BackgroundSBC Communications is a world-class communications company that is diversified in the products and services it provides. According to its mission statement, SBC desires to be the leading provider of "voice, data, networking and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing" ("News Room"). SBC and its affiliated companies provide all global, national, regional, and local services.SBC is the leading provider of DSL broadband internet in the United States and is the nation's second largest wireline (traditional) phone company. Additionally, SBC serves more than 24 million wireless customers through Cingular wireless, of which it owns 60 percent and is the second largest wireless company. On a national level, 13 states are provided services through SBC - covering about one-third of the population. SBC also reaches 26 countries with its telecommunications investments ("News Room").Historically, SBC has changed its services and target markets as technology has been created and evolved. The glory days of Pacific Bell were those of a simple utility company, not a communications giant. In keeping up with current off-shoring trends, SBC must continue to seek opportunities to provide the best customer service and prices to its customers.Overview of SBC's DSL ServiceDigital Subscriber Line (DSL) service is one of SBC's core service bundles that allows both businesses and consumers to access the internet. Because of the high data transfer speeds of DSL, it is considered to fall into the broadband category of internet access, along with others such as cable and satellite modems. Whenever end users are dealing with anything related to computers, there is always a potential for system compatibility problems or settings that are too detailed for many users. This is where the Technical Support Call Center for SBC's DSL Internet Services comes into play. DSL customers have come to expect world-class service from SBC and its partners. SBC feels that a 24/7 call center, staffed with friendly, patient, and knowledgeable representatives, should be available to its customers. With over 3 million SBC DSL users, the cost of funding such a call center can be quite expensive. There are typically about 150 technical support specialists on duty at any given time. These specialists do not include customer service or...

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