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IntroductionStarting a new business presents opportunity and challenges, which are compounded when established in a foreign country. There are many facets to consider in the development of an international business such as the location, political, social, and economical climates of the host country. All play an intricate role in the overall success of a fledgling business. Research becomes a continual process that begins with determining that a market exists for a particular product or service and attributes to the success by providing the information that is essential to growth. The purpose of this paper is to provide the information accumulated which will substantiate the decision of DEERS Delivery Management to initiate a shipping and delivery business in Thailand. The business plan developed has been devised through extensive research with considerations for all known facets considered and debated. DEERS Delivery will provide diverse, economical, efficient, and reliable shipping and delivery services to the consumers of Thailand. While competition may exist, the business plan devised and implemented, determination of the management team, and taking care of the consumer by providing superior service will determine the success of DEERS Delivery.ConsiderationsAs a business is developed and phases are implemented to begin operations, certain aspects that deal directly with industry support must be explored and considered. These aspects can directly forecast or determine company growth and/or reduction and are specific to the country in which operations is established. It is advantageous to seek out those internal resources that exist and can affect the "insider" knowledge and experience. If those resources do not exist, the information can still be gathered but there must be considerations for a longer adjustment period to allow for the assimilation of required support information. The process includes determining what information is required, the approach to take in acquiring the information, collecting data, processing, and what to do with the information once it is obtained. In this paper, we will explore those in-country factors, which have direct impact on establishing, operating, and developing DEERS Delivery.Global Current Events Analysis1) Politics - Politics are heavily affecting global business ventures because various leaders from different countries have a difficult time communicating issues, which in turn has an impact on globalization. With war, corruption, and scandal on the rise, much skepticism tarnishes many international considerations. This inevitably poses a challenge for any product/services that expect to operate on a sufficient global level.2) Economics -Since the introduction of regional integration, economic improvements in various countries have sparked promise for international trade. As each region continues to collaborate with their resources, economies abroad should continue to experience growth and prosperity. For...

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