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Global Citizen Essay

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Global citizenship has the term that is widely used for different purposes and meanings. There is no single consensus on the meaning of global citizenship. “The concept of global citizenship arose during the days of ancient Greece and during the era of the Roman Empire” (Dower, p.6). Hans Schattle also measures that "not only has “global citizenship” emerged as a variant within the concept of citizenship, but the concept of “global citizenship” contains many variants and sources of internal division”.
“During the past decade, the term “Global citizenship” increasingly has been communicated in public discourse by individuals across a wide variety of political, social and economic institutions—elementary schools encouraging children to embrace other cultures” (Schattle, p. 219). As we all know, the world is changing faster than most of us can possibly keep up with. Technology is one of those drivers of change and people are becoming more connected to each other around the world than ever before though internet usage and as people become more connected they begin to see themselves as becoming or playing the role of citizenship not only through their natural birth place but a citizen of the world.
There are many ways available to understand citizenship or being a global citizen. Based on the legal-political basis, citizenship is a status conferred on individuals by political communities to which they belong. According to Dower, citizenship in the state is or entails a formal relationship to the state. T.H. Marshall defines citizenship as a full membership to the communities and it is constituted by three elements which are political right, civil rights and social rights (Dower. p.36-37). It can also be defined as native or naturalized person owing allegiance to and when a individuals owe allegiance to a country, they have to accept and uphold the duties, responsibilities and exercise the rights that they are entitled to as citizens such as obeying the laws; paying taxes; financing welfare provision; serving in the military forces if called to do so; and have rights to participate in the political life of the state such as by voting and standing for elections (p. 37). As a citizen it is important to do so to maintain law and order to society and external security of a country.
“The term global citizenship education or education for global citizenship as well as other terms relate to the concept of global citizenship are becoming more and more frequently used at scholarly conferences and in various discourses”. Students around the world are thought to embrace cultural diversity and the school system should be teaching students these things. According to Noddings, the multicultural curricula should be closely tied to developing global citizens because students should be taught to values the lives of all people, not just those of our own nation (Li-Ching, p. 287). Throughout the global media and technologies, virtually everyone on earth is...

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