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When you think of a good citizen what do you think of? Naturally we think of someone who is active in their community, and takes responsibility for their actions. So what is a good citizen on a global level? What is Global Citizenship? Well, states that,
“A global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices. (Ron Israel)”
So, all that basically means is that a good global citizen is someone who takes action within the global community. They are someone who knows their actions can have an impact on a neighbor but also someone across the globe. How many ...view middle of the document...

She realize something should be done about those missing soldiers so she established the Office of Correspondence with Friends of the Missing Men of the United States Army and operated it from her room in washington for four years. She and her assistants received and answered over 63,000 letters and they identified over 22,000 missing men. Many years later, the Red Cross established a tracing service, which is one of the their most valued activities today.
So how did the Red cross start? Well Barton read a book, the book was titled “A Memory of Solferino” by Henry Dunant. In the book Dunant described the Battle of Solferino and the chaos after. He also developed an idea in the book, It was an idea about a future organization that was completely neutral and would exist to provide care for wounded soldiers. Dunant Began distributing his book among the public and many leading political and military personnel in Europe. His book response was largely positive. In fact it was so positive that the President of the Geneva Society for Public Welfare, jurist Gustave Moynier, made the book the topic of the February 9th, 1863 meeting of the organization. The recommendations made by Dunant were well received by the members, so they created a committee of five people to further the possibilities of having a neutral care organization. Their first meeting on the 17th of february, 1863 is now considered the founding date of the International Committee of the Red Cross (NNDB). So how does this tie in to Clara Barton? Well Barton would later fight successfully for the ratification of the Geneva Treaty. Afterwards she led the the Red Cross for twenty-three years with the same mission.
So what’s the Red Cross’ mission? Well according to the Red Cross’ website, their mission statement is “The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors (Red Cross).” The Red Cross goes around in places of disaster and helps with any Trauma a person may be going through physically and emotionally. However that’s not all they do, they also help do plenty of other things such as blood drives for people with severe injuries that require blood transfusions, they teach CPR and first aid, and they do much more.
The Red Cross has to accepting to diversity when it comes to different cultures, and different religions, this is why there are different symbols for “Red Cross”. A prime example of one of those symbols is the Red Crescent. The Red Crescent was a symbol chosen mainly because there was no background to it, opposed to the Red Cross which some could argue the symbol could be seen as religious, and it was started by technically...

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