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Global Communication In Business Essay

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The topic of Global Communication is extremely important to the business world in the 21st Century. To illustrate the success and process of operating a business Internationally, I chose to research an established company that does just that. Diageo PLC is a British multinational alcoholic beverage company with headquarters located in London, U.K. and is the world’s largest producer of spirits, beer and wine. The name Diageo was created by the brand consultancy Wolff Olin’s (New York) in 1997 and translates to their slogan “Every day, everywhere people enjoy our products” (
Diageo employs over 36,000 people worldwide helping to grow business, nurture brands and encourage diversity. “We want our people to thrive at Diageo and we are committed to their professional and personal development and to simply ensure that Diageo is a great place to work (” The company also said that they:

Seek to maintain a diverse workforce in which the different contributions made by all employees, through the variety of their personalities, experiences and perspectives, creates a stimulating and rewarding working environment. Having colleagues from many different backgrounds gives us deeper insights into consumer needs and enhances our relationships with all our stakeholders (

Paul Walsh, CEO of Diageo, works alongside his management team on the executive committee of Diageo. The majority of business operations are done at their headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The management structure of Diageo is diverse and they have several executives responsible for various tasks throughout the company. On the next page, I have attached a visual aid to illustrate the management structure of Diageo and highlight the responsibilities of key managers relating to global communications.

Figure 1: Diageo Plc. ORG Chart & Executive Responsibilities (January 2013).

As you see The CEO, Paul Walsh works directly with the Chairman of the Board, Secretary and many other executive and nonexecutive directors. The Directors of Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, Marketing and Innovation, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Corporate relations, Global CIO, and Strategy work under Chief Operating Officer, Ivan Menezes. Diageo ensures there is an executive leader well-versed in business operations for the specific country they are overseeing. This helps to avoid any cultural misunderstandings and deliver their companies brand internationally with fewer roadblocks.

Diageo has a broad range of products across all major spirits categories. Diageo owns seven of the world’s top brands, which include Smirnoff (the number one brand by volume) and Johnnie Walker (the number one brand by value). Diageo also manages Jose Cuervo, which makes Diageo the leading...

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