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Global Communication: Situation Analysis And Problem Statement

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Situation Analysis and Problem Statement: Global CommunicationsInformation provided by Wall Street shows that there are issues in the telecommunications industry. This industry is becoming more competitive as newer companies such as cable companies enter into the market. This has brought a challenge to the existing industry leaders to find new ways to keep one step ahead of the new competition coming in.Global Communications is one company that is feeling the heat. Their stock has dropped more than 50% in the last three years, from 28% to 11%. Because of this decline the company is now looking at different ways to cut their costs, advance their technology and their expansion opportunities.The company's leadership team has created a strategic plan they feel will bring Global Communications back to the front line of the industry. They have ideas of some new products for their customers and some services that would put them on the global telecommunication map. Their plan also has cost saving opportunities to permit these ideas without impacting the company's bottom line and they will also improve the company's profitability. The plan has been presented to the Board of Directors and they approved the plan. Now the leadership team has to put the plan into action quickly to prevent the company from losing any more profits.Describe the SituationIssue and Opportunity IdentificationThere are several issues that Global Communications need to review before they begin to implement their strategic plan. First, there are several communication gaps that exist from the leadership team to the employees and the union. Second, job and salary issues that will affect the employees when strategic plan goes into place. Another issue will be language barriers due to outsourcing to India and Ireland. The complete explanations of the company's issues are outlined on Table 1.There are also opportunities that Global Communications should focus on when implementing their strategic plan. The first opportunity is to look at the communication gaps that they have between themselves, the employees and the union. The second opportunity they need to focus on is exploring different employee retention programs as well as compensation programs. Lastly, they need to analysis their unit cost savings and expected profits by outsourcing their technical call center. The complete explanations of the company's opportunities are outlined on Table 1.Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical DilemmasThe definition of a stakeholder is one who has a share or interest in an enterprise. Stakeholders in a company may include shareholders, directors, management, suppliers, government, employees and the community (free dictionary, 2006). Using this definition any individuals that have any type of connection with Global Communication whether they are employees, stockholders, customers, suppliers are stakeholders. These individuals could play a part of the role in implementing the company's strategic plan. The...

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