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Global Communications Benchmarking Essay

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Part 1 General ElectricThe history of General Electric Company (GE) is a significant part of the history of technology in the United States. General Electric, which ranked fifth in the Fortune 500 in 2003, becomes even more evident through the revelation that each of the company's 11 operating units, if listed separately, would qualify as a Fortune 500 company. GE operates in more than 100 countries and generates approximately 45% of the company's revenue outside the United States (General Electric, 2008).In 1992, reflective of restructuring efforts in other GE divisions, the company accomplished profit growth by slashing its engineering workforce from 10,000 to 4,000. This action reduced the Aircraft Engine Group payroll by about 50%, among other cost-cutting moves. Despite a global economic downturn in the early 1990s, GE managed to keep aggregate sales from the technology, service, and manufacturing operations stable at $60 billion annually (Warner, 2002).Global Communications is attempting to cut costs and increase profits, which will allow the company to expand the company. In 1996, the GE appliance division acquired a 73% interest in Dako, the leading manufacturer of gas ranges in Brazil. GE Capital Services expanded in Japan through the 1996 purchase of an 80% stake in Marubeni Car System Co., an auto-leasing firm. The 1998 acquisition of Koei Credit, the consumer finance business of Lake Corporation, and the 1998 formation of GE Edison, following the purchase of the sales operation of Toho Mutual Life Insurance, made GE Capital the first foreign company involved in the Japanese life-insurance market (General Electric, 2008).General Electric has been a multi-business company for over 125 years, which allowed the company to capture new opportunities created by ever-changing technology. In 2005, GE launched "Ecomagination," an initiative to become a green company (Answers, 2008). Global Communications has to cut expenses and create new ideas to increase profit. Multi-business practices have helped General Electric become one of the largest electrical companies in the world. Global Communications should consider using an approach similar to General Electric's. With the ever-evolving world of communication technology, this approach can work for Global Communication.MeijerMeijer is one of the largest-privately owned grocery and general merchandise supercenter retailers in the United States. The organization headquarters are in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and employees 65,000 people. Operating 175 stores in the Midwest, the stores include a grocery section and more than 40 departments. Some of the departments include automotive, health and beauty care, apparel, home décor, pet care, and electronics. In-store restaurants, pharmacies, garden centers, fueling stations, and photo laboratories are located...

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1781 words - 7 pages the current stock prices. Three years ago, the stock traded at $28 per share. The stock has fallen 50%, and is currently at $11 per share. Global Communications' leadership team must take drastic measures to save the company (University of Phoenix, 2006).Problem StatementGlobal Communication will use benchmarking for business expansion by increasing information technology and reducing expenses, and becoming competitive in the market to raise

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4131 words - 17 pages compete for the consumers that would normally go to Wal-Mart and McDonald's. This frenzy to include food restaurants inside multipurpose superstores has increased the number of customers coming into the stores. Competitive benchmarking is an example of how a company can affect the future of global communication in their industry.Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical DilemmasIn the Global Communications Scenario, various stakeholders that exist

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4139 words - 17 pages latest and the greatest of what is out there.Optimal SolutionConcluded within my information listed above is the depiction of solutions and some immediate objectives. The optimal solution for Global Communication is to venture with other companies and learn their best practices or benchmarking. Partnering with other companies to provide new innovative services will give Global Communications the advantage to hold on to present customers and employees

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4301 words - 17 pages Global Communications has loss large profit margins in the recent months. Global Communications management is faced with several problems that must be addressed immediately to maintain survival in the telecommunications business. Global Communications must implement a solution to reduce cost, increase profits, and bring positive results for all stakeholders. The company has to improve their communication skills within and outside of the company

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2803 words - 11 pages profitability by end of fiscal year 2008.•An increase in employee engagement will be determined by annual engagement survey scores. The end-state goal is to see a combined increase of 10% over the next three years.•Becoming an industry leader in technology advances will be measured through industry benchmarking as well as trade publications and awards. Semi-annual reviews of the industries best practices will determine if Global Communications is

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3080 words - 12 pages Title of Paper Goes Here Running head: GENERIC BENCHMARKING: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Generic Benchmarking: Global Communications University of Phoenix Generic Benchmarking: Global Communications Analysis Global Communications is one of many companies facing tremendous economic pressure in today's market. Many companies are looking for ways to decrease costs, and increase their profits

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3074 words - 12 pages Title of Paper Goes Here Running head: GENERIC BENCHMARKING: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Generic Benchmarking: Global Communications University of Phoenix Generic Benchmarking: Global Communications Analysis Global Communications is one of many companies facing tremendous economic pressure in today's market. Many companies are looking for ways to decrease costs, and increase their profits

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6362 words - 25 pages should the World use USA based companies such as Yahoo!? There needs to be a series of substantial competitive advantages to see the business remain as an international brand. Look at what has been learned from the global car industry, or electronics industry. When Yahoo!! was founded in 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. students, David Filo and Jerry Yang, it began as their hobby and has evolved into a global brand that has changed the way people

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5226 words - 21 pages has multiple problems. By researching the competition it can learn from other industries how to handle some of the organizations problems.Global Communications should form partnerships with other companies in an effort to maintain a competitive edge and become global."Generic benchmarking can generate significant payoffs to an organization looking for the solution to a problem."Generic BenchmarkingGlobal Communications failure to manage the

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2157 words - 9 pages also given a $1 billion investment from Craig McCaw, who is a wireless pioneer. Nextel was serving the nation's top 50 markets by the mid '90's. (USA Today, Sprint and Nextel Merger, July 13, 2005)In August of 2005 Sprint and Nextel merged their companies to become America's premier communications company. Sprint/Nextel's goal is to lead the wireless carrier magnified by a global IP network that will extend intriguing new broadband wireless and

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4645 words - 19 pages , assist in the implementation or execution of solutions, and generally serve as a guideline in problem solving.The purpose of this paper is to educate the readers on the realistic application of University of Phoenix's 9-Step Problem-Solving model. Using Global Communications as the subject of the case study, the paper will describe how a strategy was designed and implemented to assist the organization in identifying the problems, establishing

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6940 words - 28 pages very detrimental to employee morale.Timing is as crucial to communication as the message and the channel through which the message is communicated. The benchmarking of 12 companies found that one key to successful communication was decisive action. Global Communications made the decision to move forward with a strategy, yet waited several days to communicate the decision. By waiting so long, and allowing unfiltered information to leak, Global

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4235 words - 17 pages Global Communications BenchmarkingGlobal Communications is not the only company who had to make serious decisions that would affect not only the company, but the consumers as well. Competition is very high no matter what company it is. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to conduct generic benchmarking in order to identify solutions to issues faced by Global. The companies that were selected were AT&T/Cingular, DELL, Hewlett-Packard, IBM